Flip yr feathers

Life has been busy. When isn't it?! It's wonderful tho, times are tight financially but I am absolutely full of inspiration and creative energy. And money sure can't buy that! But it can often buy money! (or at least enough to pay the rent, hopefully) So I shall not complain. I recently sold Bella, my 1962 Vespa... so I could pay rent & buy a used Nikon D70. My first dslr!!! It's so fun, and I'm teaching myself as much as possible. I have done a few photoshoots, and have a couple more lined up, so let me know if you want or need any fun shots, new promo material, etc etc. Or an excuse to have me stare at you for hours up on hours, in front of the camera and in my photoshop windows.

Say Ooh now has accessories in two new shops. Maybe near you? Dignity Regained in Illinois, and Show Pony in Seattle. Check out their cute setups, and other amazing products. Oh, and Say Ooh isn't just feathers... I'm starting to work more with velvet, lace, pearls, vintage fur, buttons, etcetcfunstuffetc!

I have been listening to close to paradise on repeat, and venturing into some Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums. Yes kids, it's about that time of year. A couple friends and I are throwing together a fun event for the holiday season, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for BFFF.

The BFFF girls and I actually did a photoshoot this past weekend, featuring items from my shop and Katie's shop. I'm hoping they teach me to hula hoop soon. I can do it, but none of that fancy jazz.

It's almost Halloween. I get scared with anything, like when I'm watching "non-scary" movies or if someone is in the other room and says my name. Screaming, jump on you, nightmares forever scared. But I kindof like it sometimes. Anyhow, I really want to go to a corn maze or haunted something-r-other. Speaking of, what a fun job it would be to create the patterns for the corn maze? Goodness yes! You better believe I would be planting up some balls of yarn and needles, or a feather headdress in battle, or what-have-you. There are too many corn mazes based on farm animals and sports. Google it. I'm tellin'ya.

PS: Sorry. First it was rounded corners, now I'm so into vignettes. But I have been obsessed with both in the past. I promise it's a phase and I'll grow out of it (only to grow back in eventually).


Gemstones take it up a notch

Looking for the perfect bday/ Christmas present? Well, be on the lookout for new gift goodies from Say Ooh and my good friend Lottle Bit.

Looking for the perfect gift AND all your dreams come true? Then check out Philadelphian-moved-Nashvillian Jonny Fritz. He makes amazing airbrush art on AA shirts. Check out what he has, or ask him to do some custom work. I did, and I was more than thrilled with the results. Like, pee-my-pants happy about it. And Bryn felt the same.. the gemstones, confed flag, dolphin sunrise and olympiad rings really won over his heart. I mean, check it. You can't find a treasure like that at walmart or forever21, baby.