Home is Where the Heart Is

...and my heart is in my chest so I suppose everywhere I go truly does feel like home to me. I've only been gone from Nashville for two weeks and while I miss the good people and good dancing and my wonderful life there, I'm really enjoying my little journey.

The Market in Nolita went well, disregarding the awful timing of a nor-easter snow storm. My car got stuck twice, and it took a little over an hour to drive about 2.5 miles over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was absolutely freezing, I was tired and hungry, and not many people showed due to weather, but it was worth it. I hope to return in the spring! Aside from that, my trip was very inspiring and I caught up on some well-needed sleep (due to some rigorous Bikram in Union Square). Also, I ate a lot of yummy vegan food.

My time in Buffalo has been full of movies, hot drinks, sewing, cuddling, puppy bites, mom-time, Best Fitness, friendly snow, and some of the following:

I will have lots of new work to share with y'all soon! $280 and 4 weeks from now I should have my old Nikon back... sob sob.


Ode to Betsey

I've been in NYC. Walking lots, seeing friends, getting kicked in the butt by bikram yoga on a daily basis, finding inspiration in big and small places, handstitching lace in places like the Roebling Tea Room (amazing), and umm, of course. Shopping. Fortunately I have Christmas as an excuse, so I can just buy for other people. Today tho, I did buy for myself at the Betsey Johnson sample sale in Times Sq. When the girl who rang me out realised it was to be my FIRST Betsey dress (or 3), she almost had a heartattack and we bonded for about 10 minutes, and she told everyone in the room how exciting it was that it was my first. And that she was honoured to ring me out. And then everyone told the tales of their first Betsey dresses. It was kindof magical.

I mean, sigh... I would get married in something like this. (Not the ones I bought)

Speaking of... why is Betsey Johnson not designing WEDDING CAKES?! Or at least cupcakes. Her cupcakes would probably be the prettiest ones in the world. (PS Google image search "gourmet cupcakes" and find the picture of Tori Spelling... hehe)



I am so blessed to have such a network of creative friends in Nashville. One of my favourite musicians, Timbre Cierpke plays the harp and sings like a siren from The Odyssey. Every year, she plays a Christmas concert with her family. The first one I went to, I teared up. Not even kidding.

She is playing tonight with her family and a choir. A ridiculously low $5 at the door, The Anchor, 7:30pm. This year, local vendors will set up for a holiday market. I'll be there with Say Ooh all night. It will be a great chance to do some holiday shopping and support local crafters/ artists/ bakers/ what have you.. but the most exciting part will be the music.


Rainy day at Local Honey

Here and there I work at Local Honey, a great vintage shop where I sell some of my creations. I tend to only work on really rainy days, which was fine today as I had gossip girl, my glue gun, and lots of velvet & lace. Along with a few visitors.

Here is Jordan. She said she feels like a J Crew model today, in her $5 estate sale boots, leggings, (my) white ruffled dress, and cozy flannel. You still have an hour to visit and buy that darling luggage as pictured.

Also, new lace pendants on sale here & special order via online. I just finished a new set of lovely gold... all shapes and sizes!



vs. fashionably clothed. Naked Without Us is our local fashion networking that hosts runway and trunk shows. I've written about previous events. A couple weeks ago, NWU had a 2 day market chock-fulla designers at Mai, complete with afterparties with lights and dancing. I was nestled between friends Shea Steele and Carmen Jaudon. That same weekend, I did a photoshoot with my lovely and talented friends, the Jensen twins. We had much fun! Below are just a couple shots from the market, and LG pictures of things I had at the market. Golden bows adorning sweet, silky, lacey playfulware seems to be my favourite right now.

My goals for the month:
blog more
sewsewsew (already accomplishing that one)
market in Nolita
get my nikon fixed



Nonfash, primarily

Here are some recent, non-fashion-related projects. Some wedding cards and the cover of the cd I did for Austin. We were really pleased with the results, and can't wait to see it in print! He's having a cd release next Thursday, 8pm at Mercy Lounge. It will be wonderful, come out if you can! Here's an insight to his music: "Austin cites two of his influences as Claude Debussy and Jeff Buckley. Debussy's sense of romance and space and Buckley's willingness to rock and soar are echoed in his work. Envy uses strings, horns, and crackling electrics to round out his sound in a way that is classically indie."

Last week was spent in Black Mountain, just outside of Asheville, NC. I holed up in a cabin in the woods with my dear family. When I wasn't in the hot tub, playing card games, or cooking, I was sewing. Be on the lookout. Photoshoot coming up, right before Naked Without Us fashion market, this Saturday and Sunday, 1-10pm at Mai. There will be some great afterparties too, of course!


Envy the Moon

Last night, I was under the influence of some yummy wine and the exhaustion of a long day's work. Lying on a couch, trying to continue contribution to the sewing of Kris's Pinnochio costume. (best leiderhosen of the year, to be sure) Suddenly, I perked up at the mention of album art... to the tune of... ms paint?!

I just could NOT have that, especially to a dear friend, and ESPECIALLY in conjunction with an absolutely wonderful record. So, in a deadline of less than 48 hours, I am hoping to pull together amazing album art (to be reflective of content) for my favourite Nashville indian native boy, Austin Manuel.

Be on the lookout.

PS: On an unrelated note, I have fallen upon the best post-breakup music to date. Rotating Lily Allen, It's Not Me It's You with Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More. It's the ultimate mix. It is perfect to drive and sing with. You have your "Oh tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with all my heart" and your "f* you very very muuuuuch" in a cute British accent. Thank me later, when you and your loved one have departed.

Much Love!


Old Films, older fashion

Yesterday I was asked about my fashion design influences. You can get a good idea from skimming thru my blog, but two big things are films from the 50s, and old 20s French fashion. I mean anything French is dapper, elegant, sophisticated, and ridiculously sexy, but not trashy. EVER. As for the films, I have always been a lover of Hepburn, Hitchcock, old Barbara Streisand. (think funny girl, which I just rewatched... appropriately subtitled in french). The extravagant costumes in any of those are to DIE for! I mean, they just knew how to do it right, and how to do it in a timeless fashion.

Let's play dress up everyday!


Nature in Market

Last weekend was the final Walden Artisan Market in East Nashville. I was honoured to be part of the first, and a handful along the way. It's rounding out to just short of a year, and the lovely Alison Egerton has rented the space to a soon-to-be veggie restaurant. Exciting!

Tho it rained much, we all had a nice time at this market. Thanks to Alison for organizing the event time and time again!


Spotlight on: Melissa Prévost

I love that my friends are so wonderfully crafty and creative. It's nice to be surrounded by pretties and inspiration. Last night, I went to my good friend Missa's new house to take some pictures of new hair accessories. (and catchup, and watch twilight, etc) Her home is so adorably decorated. Very soft and warm, vintage, quaint, not too overdone, sweet little touches in every corner. I just loved it. And she had this precious sign that she was in the middle of stitching for her husband's birthday. I just had to capture it.


Leaves Turned Gold

The weather is cooling down and things are changing. I have moved into a lovely new home (pictures soon), redecorating, and reading so much literature and poetry. I create as I organise my new craft room.

Here's a sneak peak into the new autumn collection, modeled by the lovely Chelsea. Check out my shop for more!


OOH: New Location

Tho most of us never venture to Murfreesboro, some of you school there or live there. So, next time you're in the area, check out this cute boutique. They're 90% local designers, handmade, green adn organic goods. A great variety of clothing, art, jewelry, knicknacks, stationary, etc. I'm now selling lingerie, shirts, and hair accessories there. You will also find the likes of lladybird, valentine valentine, and hana hattori. Soon, I'll stock mesh with art and bicycle baskets.

Oh! And if you can make it tomorrow, it's their 1st Birthday Party!!! All new items, new set up, and some killer deals (so I hear). But if you can't make it because you're helping me move, I totally understand.


I Am Now Officially "Mean"

I am aware that in this blog entry, I will probably create my very first Nashville "enemy". Or, frenemy.. if you will.

We're all inspired by each other, high fashion, cheap fashion, poetry, cute animals, etc. No one can really deny it, unless you live in a cave, have never had human contact, and are somehow producing fashion and art. There is a fine line btwn ripping off someone's designs and being inspired by them. When you are using someone's exact terminology, coming up with the same looking designs, have engaged in conversations with originator and asked pointed questions as to the making of said creations, and THEN handfuls of your friends have called, txted, and emailed me (oh, we're using me for example's sake of course!) to tell me this over the span of a few months, well. That sways heavily over the line. Especially when the same markets and shops are being reused for the new bird's product. There are many shops in Nashville! And many ideas to be spun off of! I have held my tongue, but after being on the receiving end of MORE games of telephone, I must rant.

I don't think my work is highly original in the grand scape, or amazingly amazing, and I have seen creations like mine at UO along the way (I mean we're living in the same world here, if something gets popular in our culture it's going to circulate one way or another), but I stand behind the quality and beauty of my work. I would never steal a classmate's term paper, much less try to use it in the same school system. Good luck with your endeavors, as I have established enough of a name in Nashville for people to tell a difference between our products.

Oh, and if you're wondering if this is about you? Then yes... my dear best friend married your amazing, handsome ex.

And we all live happily ever after.


A Sash Kinda Day

I'm not a big magazine reader these days, and it's so hard to keep up with blogs, y'know? But lookbook has always been a fav. I'm not on it, and only know a couple Nashvillians who profile there, but among my favourite fashionistas is Justin. In this sexy summer number, he happens to be sporting a Say Ooh headband. Thanks for representing, Justin, y'look good. But then again... I've never seen you not looking amazing.


Dare Ya

I've been very inspired lately, and want to make sure I'm staying focused and motivated. Focused never means "working on one thing" for me though.

I ALSO have a pile of goodies that I need to get rid of. I still love the pretties, but I need to make space for newnewnew. So please, help.

Comment with a picture to inspire and challenge me. Something for me to create a new accessory from. As abstract, simple, ugly, or strange as you like. A picture of you or something you found on the internet. Whatever, I'll take it. I'll wait til I have a handful to choose from, and pic my fav in the next few days. (you may enter up to 3 images) Then I'll mail or hand deliver you a prize. You will *probably be able to wear the prize.

Okay, go...

**No, definitely.


It's a mad world

...which is why I'm having trouble updating. In the midst of moving, working a lot, babysitting, lawsuits, the necessity of "pool time", love interest, taming cat allergies, weddings, funerals, friends crying and friends laughing (ie, learning to tell jokes)... I'm near spent. But really, keep your ears open next time we're together. I have been working on my joke telling.

Here are a couple cute pictures of my friend Kristen. She was recently married in Niagara Falls, and let me make her hair accessory. I tailored it around her lovely, flowered wedding dress, but was surprised when I delivered it the morning of the wedding to find that she had two wedding dresses. She went with the one I originally had seen, and was an absolute babe at her charming, outdoor wedding. The last photo was taken by Jason Miller.


OOH! In new cities...

I've been running around lately, working on fun (semi) secret projects and making more, more more... and yet I'm still not able to create all my ideas! Pictures soon from the Niagara falls wedding I attended over the weekend, and made invitations for.

A recent trip to Chicago to visit my dear friend Chase resulted in Say Ooh in two great shops. A lovely high-end boutique, Soko, and a fun, eclectic vintage shop in Wicker Park, Lenny and Me. Also... be on the lookout for ooh accessories at Urban in Elmwood Village in Buffalo, NY. You might see Fairytale Land in the storefront display!

But for now, I'm about to start a 12 hour drive back to Nashville. My car holds a few typewriters, vintage Singer, and a big red British Airways suitcase FULL of old lingerie. Southern friends... I've missed you. See you soon.


A Southern Wedding

My darling friend Stefani got married just a couple weeks ago! She had a beautiful wedding in a North Carolina lodge. Her style is very '50s inspired, which was strewn throughout the ceremony, reception, and her honeymoon (helloooo hot pinup bathingsuit which I won't post here!) I did the cute couple's engagement photos last fall, and the bridal/ party hair accessories for the wedding. Check out gorg she was! Pictures by picsee. Congrats, Stefani and Justin!!


Bashful Hearts

I love wedding season. I know every season can be wedding season, but it definitely feels it now. I recently made some wedding invitations for my friend Kristen in Phila, and they finally came to me in the mail!! How exciting. Next on the list are programs and hair pretties. Wedding in a few weeks! Oh, and it's in Niagara Falls so I went for a falls, vintagey feel. I thought the brown envelopes and parcel ribbon helped with the effect.

Also, I have been working with my friend Mary Claire to throw her annual Off 12th music and arts festival. Lots of friends, fun, good music and art, I plan on snacking on fruit and cheese, sipping on mimosas on a blanket all day. With Say Ooh hair fashions at my table, of course! So stop on by, it's free and the sun shall be out. I made these posters which you can see around town.


Behind the Scenes

The job I have made for myself is not all glamour, as you may think. It includes things such as driving all around town looking for the perfect organza, dealing with drunk runway models, trying to clean my studio (never stays tidy for more than 5 minutes), cleaning vintage buttons, and punching lots of heart shaped holes.

Sometimes, it also includes making treats for little parties or shows. Come to featherware tonight in East Nashville. The tupperware party of our generation.


Deer Mothers

Happy Mother's day! My mom and grandma have always been supportive and encouraging of my arts and crafts. My mom taught me how to sew when I was in about 5th grade. Also, they're great about sending me cute pieces in the mail that I always end up using somehow, somewhere, eventually. My grandma is sending me crocheted doilies (which I have been hunting for, as I have no time to actually make them right now.. and I have a fun project in the works) and my mom sent me vintage fabrics not too long ago. I used some of the cute vintage green fabric in a pincushion I made recently. How have I not had one in years?! In my sewing frenzy as of late, I step on needles all the time. I mean, they're just everywhere. My cutey cute pincushion keeps them all together and looks yummy enough to eat right up. At least, I think.

Also... fashion show coming up. This friday night, 12p downtown. Naked Without Us. Be there. Plz?


Vintage bands and floosies

I forgot to share the nightynight dress I made for Christie on her bday a couple weeks ago. She had a raucous dance party complete with a couple costume changes, but spent the majority of the evening in this fun lil number. I made it for her from one of her old vintage slips. And let me tell you, girl looked hot. Happy 29!!

I have been making a lot of black bands lately, with fun vintage findings. A slow foray into more wedding accessories, I think. Here are some things that really feel like what I'm getting at. Listen to Jordan from Seattle's new band... and look at these pretty pictures. (please)