Nighty Night

The new (vintage) lingerie line. I take new pieces, old pieces... cut and sew and adorn... voila. Looking for stores to carry. Let me know if you have any ideas, or want to come over and check them out!

Also, if you live in Nashville, check out the scene. I'm in it this week.


Featherie for a bride-to-be

Who doesn't want to match bedtime goodies with hair accessories? Right?? (I did not "make" the bra, just decorate it a touch!) Btw, feathers tickle. And that's a good thing.


Say "Mmm"

Being "umemployed" has afforded me time for more accessories, baking, and blogging!

Here are some things I made today. New autumnal hair accessories, and devil's-pumpkin cupcakes! I bet you wish you were in my neighborhood group... huh?

Ways to keep warm!

Halfway through autumn, I cannot even believe it. So many fun things are happening, little projects of my own and of friends... here and there... I'm putting work into things and it will be interesting to see what develops and progresses. With the crisp turn of weather, and having moved into a huge, old house with my friend Rachel, I have been in the mood to stay at home, drink hot chocolate and cabernet (separately), have friends over for dinner, cuddle up, and make lots of things. It's been wonderful, to say the least.

I recently made friends with Rebekka, a talented pastry chef, and her husband Manley, a talented architect! Rebekka loves her her new sayooh accessories, and I just know I am going to love her baked goods. We will both be at a craft fair this weekend, along with about 15 other talented crafters and artists. Oh and the Mas Tacos truck!! Find us in East Nashville at the Walden building. Do some holiday shopping and warm up with a cup of coffee from Ugly Mugz! It's all going down this Saturday (November 15) from 9-5.

I have been playing with my camera some more, and doing shoots for friends now and again. It's always fun, with my bossy art direction followed by onslaughts of laughter! Feel free to check out NiTasha's music... and let's hope we see some professional model shots of Jenn sometime in the near future!

Also, if you're looking for some good Christmas time music, I have been listening to Choir At Your Door nonstop. I can't wait to buy their cd and see them play here. Goodnight, keep warm, drink lots of tea and cuddle up with your loved one!


Flip yr feathers

Life has been busy. When isn't it?! It's wonderful tho, times are tight financially but I am absolutely full of inspiration and creative energy. And money sure can't buy that! But it can often buy money! (or at least enough to pay the rent, hopefully) So I shall not complain. I recently sold Bella, my 1962 Vespa... so I could pay rent & buy a used Nikon D70. My first dslr!!! It's so fun, and I'm teaching myself as much as possible. I have done a few photoshoots, and have a couple more lined up, so let me know if you want or need any fun shots, new promo material, etc etc. Or an excuse to have me stare at you for hours up on hours, in front of the camera and in my photoshop windows.

Say Ooh now has accessories in two new shops. Maybe near you? Dignity Regained in Illinois, and Show Pony in Seattle. Check out their cute setups, and other amazing products. Oh, and Say Ooh isn't just feathers... I'm starting to work more with velvet, lace, pearls, vintage fur, buttons, etcetcfunstuffetc!

I have been listening to close to paradise on repeat, and venturing into some Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums. Yes kids, it's about that time of year. A couple friends and I are throwing together a fun event for the holiday season, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for BFFF.

The BFFF girls and I actually did a photoshoot this past weekend, featuring items from my shop and Katie's shop. I'm hoping they teach me to hula hoop soon. I can do it, but none of that fancy jazz.

It's almost Halloween. I get scared with anything, like when I'm watching "non-scary" movies or if someone is in the other room and says my name. Screaming, jump on you, nightmares forever scared. But I kindof like it sometimes. Anyhow, I really want to go to a corn maze or haunted something-r-other. Speaking of, what a fun job it would be to create the patterns for the corn maze? Goodness yes! You better believe I would be planting up some balls of yarn and needles, or a feather headdress in battle, or what-have-you. There are too many corn mazes based on farm animals and sports. Google it. I'm tellin'ya.

PS: Sorry. First it was rounded corners, now I'm so into vignettes. But I have been obsessed with both in the past. I promise it's a phase and I'll grow out of it (only to grow back in eventually).


Gemstones take it up a notch

Looking for the perfect bday/ Christmas present? Well, be on the lookout for new gift goodies from Say Ooh and my good friend Lottle Bit.

Looking for the perfect gift AND all your dreams come true? Then check out Philadelphian-moved-Nashvillian Jonny Fritz. He makes amazing airbrush art on AA shirts. Check out what he has, or ask him to do some custom work. I did, and I was more than thrilled with the results. Like, pee-my-pants happy about it. And Bryn felt the same.. the gemstones, confed flag, dolphin sunrise and olympiad rings really won over his heart. I mean, check it. You can't find a treasure like that at walmart or forever21, baby.


To have and to hold

...new product up in my shop, and lots more at Local Honey, including some cute new headbands for only $12.

Keep an eye out for a new fall/winter line. It'll make you wanna drink hot cocoa and cuddle up by the fire with yr loved ones, all while looking trés glamorous, of course!


Customer appreciation

Say Ooh thanks the lovely Ellie for purchasing some cute feathers and strutting around the Northwest in them. She took some racey photos to show off, so hit up her flickr and tell her what a babe she is!

While looking for some new Native American names, I came across a few interesting ones.
MAKKITOTOSIMEW: Algonquin name meaning she has large breasts.
CHAVATANGAKWUNUA: Hopi name meaning "short rainbow."
SHOEMOWETOCHAWCAWEWAHCATOWE: Cheyenne name meaning "high-backed wolf."


Part 3: Love

My friend must be a bird,
Because it flies!
Mortal my friend must be,
Because it dies!
Barbs has it, like a bee.
Ah, curious friend,
Thou puzzlest me!
-E. Dickinson

We had a lovely, fun Saturday at Centennial Park. The darling sarah kachevas shot some pictures, I made some adornment, and Alanna and Amanda giggled the whole afternoon. It's a blessing to have creative friends!


Another Hot August Day

I recently participated in CRAFT, a little fair in East Nashville that I occassionally setup with. I never sell much at all; people tend to say they love my stuff and just take cards. Well this time... I sold more than normal. About 10x more. It went very well! I met new people and started telling a couple artists about my latest secret (not so secret anymore) project. SURPRISE!

Michael Madrid watched my table for a few minutes while I ran for some iced coffee, and it was during that time Rachel Briggs stopped by to visit and snap this picture. Everything went well, except for one snafu during which I pressed the return on my typewriter (I documented the 8 hour day in the hot hot sun) and it slammed into a wine glass I was selling. Oops, sorry Emily Dickinson. Thanks everyone for visiting and supporting my little endeavors!

My etsy is starting to pick up, and it's a great way to contact me about custom orders as well! Today, I'm featured in the Showcase. Check it out, and please favourite my shop, it would mean so much! You don't even have to be an etsy member.

More fun things on the horizon. I promise.


Love is in the air

All apologies for my lack of updating. It's been due to travels, playtime, and LOTS of creating/ planning. I recently did the accessories for my good friend Darci's wedding. She got married to a handsome gentleman in Tennessee, on a Sunday outside during sunset. They then retreated to a huge, beautiful old barn for fun and dancing. Here is a shot of the silk flower I made for her hair. The fabric was leftover from the bridesmaids' purses. I created each petal individually, then stitched them together. Took a couple tries to get it just right, but everyone loved it. Most importantlty, the bride loved it.

I love weddings.



This lovely featha was custom made FOR and is now in the possession OF Mr. Jack White. He "absolutely loved it" and maybe we'll even catch a Perez Hilton snappy snap of him wearing it on a hat. Either way I'm pretty excited about that one.

I'm no longer showing at Project A Gallery in the Gulch. (Nashville, TN) I have been there for a little over a year, and may again in the future, but not for now. Feel free to share with me gallery suggestions or show offers. Currently, I'm concentrating on commission textiles, so drop me a line if you're interested in anything! Also.. keep your eyes peeled for housewares... I'm working on some ideas.

It's spring time, how inspiring!



When I was younger, we had a rickety swingset in the backyard. I have two distinct, fond memories of it, which I'm sure parallel many others' childhood experiences. One was that I loved to swing high, but had a major fear of heights (yes, 4 feet off the ground counts). While swinging, once you get to a certain point.. the poles in the ground start to jump and the chains buckle. I hated that, it scared me to death. But for some reason I was convinced that if I pushed past it I would be able to swing full circle upsidedown, and get stuck in some type of magical vortex where I wouldn't have to pump my legs. I'd just constantly fly in circles with my hands gripping the chains. Unfortunately, I never made it to that point.

The other memory was a game I created for my brothers, our neighbor Richie, and I. At least, I credited myself with creating it. The rules were simple. The grass was a swamp with alligators and piranhas. (sometimes if my brothers were not cooperating, it would become a firepit) We had to maneuver around on our little swingset and garden without touching the grass or dirt. It was quite amusing. I liked to climb into the triangle the poles formed and call out for my prince charming. Again, he never came.

Maybe this post is coming off as a series of minor disappointments from my childhood which majorly impacted me lateron, without my realisation. But that is not why I am writing this.

I have always found swings to be very romantic. Whether I was a little girl playing silly games, going on innocent dates to the playground at midnight when I was in high school, or needed some alone time to think. I find this particular swing especially romantic, and would someday like to have a luscious green backyard (much like the one I do today, but sans the fear of chiggers) with a perfect tree for this beauty.

Magical Swings


The Sketchbook Project

Last fall, I participated in a cooperative art project. 300 people from around the world filled out little sketchbooks with their darkest fears. There were a couple openings in Atlanta. Some books were just words, others intense photographs, and others still were delicate paintings. It was fun to see individual interpretations, as well as read their fears. Kindof like PostSecret. Arthouse does many fun projects, check it out.

Anyhow, here are a few of my pages.


1st Craft Fair in 2008

Missa sold soaps and I sold my feathers. It was the most beautiful day of the year, 75 degrees and sunny! She took off within an hour due to heat-stroke, but I was kept occupied by Hemmingway & visitors throughout the day. I met some interesting artists and sold a handful of feathers. I snapped a few photos of friends who came to visit!

Alanna with birdie.

Alanna with red hurit.

Little girls with minis.

Kris with wadulesi.

Stephy with nascha.

Rachel with lakota in sunset.

The table!

It was a lovely afternoon, and I was invited to more fairs so I will be around the city in upcoming months.