When I was younger, we had a rickety swingset in the backyard. I have two distinct, fond memories of it, which I'm sure parallel many others' childhood experiences. One was that I loved to swing high, but had a major fear of heights (yes, 4 feet off the ground counts). While swinging, once you get to a certain point.. the poles in the ground start to jump and the chains buckle. I hated that, it scared me to death. But for some reason I was convinced that if I pushed past it I would be able to swing full circle upsidedown, and get stuck in some type of magical vortex where I wouldn't have to pump my legs. I'd just constantly fly in circles with my hands gripping the chains. Unfortunately, I never made it to that point.

The other memory was a game I created for my brothers, our neighbor Richie, and I. At least, I credited myself with creating it. The rules were simple. The grass was a swamp with alligators and piranhas. (sometimes if my brothers were not cooperating, it would become a firepit) We had to maneuver around on our little swingset and garden without touching the grass or dirt. It was quite amusing. I liked to climb into the triangle the poles formed and call out for my prince charming. Again, he never came.

Maybe this post is coming off as a series of minor disappointments from my childhood which majorly impacted me lateron, without my realisation. But that is not why I am writing this.

I have always found swings to be very romantic. Whether I was a little girl playing silly games, going on innocent dates to the playground at midnight when I was in high school, or needed some alone time to think. I find this particular swing especially romantic, and would someday like to have a luscious green backyard (much like the one I do today, but sans the fear of chiggers) with a perfect tree for this beauty.

Magical Swings


Kacy said...

colleen! i totally played the firepit/piranha/alligator swing game with my lil' brother & friends :)))

Michae! said...

the really is magical. i want to make one.