Babies & Fringe

Babies. I love babies. I love all my many friends with new babies or babies in their bellies. Babies are just EVERYWHERE these days. And how can that not make one giggle with joy? I love making cute baby things, like these moccassins, attributed to my native heritage. (made with yummy Marc Jacobs wool and NOT deer skin)

I just visited my dear friend Jill and her brand new, adorable little boy, Addison. They and daddy Russ are a darling family! I was excited to see a picture of Addi on her blog wearing the lil moccs. He's growing so fast, they probably won't fit too long, but they were so cute I wanted to touch the screen and pinch his toes. And check out his handsome woodsy sweater. Yep, the ever-talented Jill knit that for him. Make sure to sneakpeak their creatively decorated nursery and her fun pregnancy (in a minute) video.

Moccs for purchase at Social Graces in Hillsboro Village. Baby headdresses available upon request.

Today I googled "lion face".



One of my favourite illustrations has always been silhouetting. I think it's so fun to layer them, or leave them plain and simple for a nice, stark contrast to crisp white paper. Recently, I've been seeing the work of Jenny Lee Fowler popping up all over the world wide web. Fowler's art has been featured in print/ online in House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, OhDeeDoh, Elle Decoration South Africa, Craft, Small Magazine, Inhabitots, The Frisky, etc. Her custom illustrations are really delicate and wonderful, but it's the nature inspired leaf and birch series that has captured my heart!

Though I have done a decent amount of profiles in my day, checking external drives for work is such a daunting task! Here is an old Save the Date card I did awhile back for my brother and his lovely wife. It's simple, the first sample I could find.

This sweet lady also has some great art. Aside from some interesting profiles, I adore her drawing/ painting style, PLUS she has a dainty little swan sewing pattern, and the cutest name to boot.

Ages ago, I spent the better part of a year finding A Child's Garden of Verses with the silhouetted illustrations (there are many publications, versions, and illustrators to these wonderful stories). Eventually I ended up with TWO vintaged copies. I never did get a tattoo from one of the pretty drawings as was my original intent.

Today I googled "Paris Hilton's British Best Friend". I watched it last night while babysitting. Y'all, it's GOOD. I have a love/ hate relationship with Meddy (and maybe with the show in general).


BFLO represent

I guess it's inevitable for disappointment to run in my blood. I mean, look at how many times the Buffalo Bills lost the Super Bowl. (& yeah, we always wore the previous years sweatshirts)

Today I googled Ted Danson. He got OLD.


The Pursuit of Happiness

I realised I hadn't shared my new(ish) setup at Local Honey! Most of you know I can be found at the cute boutique once a week, but for you out of towners, here's a little visit to my corner of the shop. Shea and co. keep the shop stocked with oodles of great vintage finds! The great, colourful collages to the left of the suitcase are made by Shea Steel.

I recently found this great video on my friend Paul's blog. Reasons I had to reblog:
a. I love Kid Cudi.
b. I totally "get it"... right now I feel like I'm looking for happiness. Walking around with a somber face, no smile. But hey, I'm wearing a cute hair accessory and a bad-a red sweater that is covered in knitted desserts. So, I'll be fine once I get it.
c. Okay the video is incredible?! The way it is shot reminds me of this one I shared.
d. PS this version is soooo good too. But less relate-able for me.

Obviously today I just googled Kid Cudi lyrics. OBVIOUSLY.


Splash Panic meets Say Ooh!

And it was a lovely, albeit removed (by location) introduction. Splash Panic is a hip, fun boutique in Buffalo, NY that I had visited last Christmas. They just started carrying Say Ooh accessories, nighties, and leotards in their new spring lineup. I'm excited and honoured! A piece or two quickly debuted with Splash Panic's involvement in a fashion show at UB.

Before sending off a trunk of goods to SP, I had an impromptu photoshoot with the lovely and talented Brooke Waggoner. Please check out her music, it's quite addicting (my iTunes play counts are embarrassing). Okay, I can't stop uploading photos so just check out the rest here.

It's spring and I'm just loving it. Today I googled: biodynamic farming.