It's a mad world

...which is why I'm having trouble updating. In the midst of moving, working a lot, babysitting, lawsuits, the necessity of "pool time", love interest, taming cat allergies, weddings, funerals, friends crying and friends laughing (ie, learning to tell jokes)... I'm near spent. But really, keep your ears open next time we're together. I have been working on my joke telling.

Here are a couple cute pictures of my friend Kristen. She was recently married in Niagara Falls, and let me make her hair accessory. I tailored it around her lovely, flowered wedding dress, but was surprised when I delivered it the morning of the wedding to find that she had two wedding dresses. She went with the one I originally had seen, and was an absolute babe at her charming, outdoor wedding. The last photo was taken by Jason Miller.