Banana & Ginger

Once upon a warm winter's morn, in a jazz filled vintage kitchen, two girls were very hungry for yummy breakfast treats, orange juice, and french press coffee.
Miss Lauren came over for a charming baking session! We donned our favourite vintage aprons and toiled away in the morning sunlight to bake delectable banana muffins with ginger cream icing. They quickly disappeared into the bellies of a couple friends and the old ladies downstairs. (& of course we each snuck one. or 2) I think being crafty comes in many forms. Yummy forms!

Bon apetit mes amis.


Oh Shoot

I'm so excited to share photos from the Say Ooh shoot last Sunday! A talented local photographer shot a handful of lingerie and accessories I've been slaving over the past week. (well, some new, some old!) We used her studio at Marathon Village, one of my favourite Nashville decrepit buildings. I have been involved in music festivals and fashiony things there in the past. It previously housed Nashville's finest beer brewery, and is currently home to Corsair Artisan, "Nashville's first distillery since Prohibition".

Until then, a baby sampling of the place.