Treasured: Tiger Lilies

My lil tiger lilies have been featured in a couple treasuries by The Peach Tree and Wren Willow. Why, thank you kindly! These long featheries were also recently complimented by the one and only Marty Stewart. Well, well.

This delightful springtime weather is motivating me to stay indoors. ...and sew. Well, honestly, it's a battle between staying in to sew and enjoying all things active in the pretty greenery and floral heavens just round the corner. And the outdoors has been winning. Nonetheless, I'm dedicating all further rainy or tornado days to stitching up a mini summer line of shirts. I'm going say they're Americana-influenced, with a little frill of course.

Enjoy your weekends, even if it is a bit tornadoey again!


Hey Four-Eyes!

We need to see in one form or another to be creative. And for those of us with poor vision, it usually means a nerdy pair of spectacles, which can be difficult to find affordable AND fashionable. Blog reader, meet Warby Parker. Now you can own vintage-inspired designer glasses for a mere $95, lenses included! And, in Tom's fashion, for each pair purchased, they send a pair of glasses to someone in need. The 2nd best part is you can choose 5 frames which they'll mail you to try on for 5 days. I lost track of time and have had them for 2 weeks.

I thought I'd share the ones I tried. I had to pose in really awkward angles so you couldn't see the computer screen reflection. Oh! Also fun! If I were a man I would order the monacle. Looks quite nice with a mustache and a vest if I do say so myself.


Spirit Animal

This is what my soul longs to create, but I have not made the physical time to create lately. When I was doing figure studies last year, I started something along the lines, I'll try to dig those out of the old armoire to share.

Thanks to Jen Mann for touching on such vital relationships.

Also, reminds me a bit of the Simen Johan work I had been counting down until it appeared at The Frist.
Johan depicts animals in scenarios where their actions or demeanor mirror human conventions. The images allude to our inclination to anthropomorphize and domesticate what we see and find around us, and they speak to realms of emotion, our fears and desires, rather than reason.
If you haven't yet seen it, please let me take you there!

So ummm, what's your spirit animal?


Feathearrings, Restocked!

*Teaser image from my recent shoot with Mandy Whitley Photography.

Feathearrings have been restocked at Local Honey! Get yours today at the new location across from Belmont in Nashville or in my shop. Modeled by the darling Lauren Winter.


A Black Tie Affair

Remember the birdhouse I made to raise money for kids that can't afford music lessons in music city?

Well, the auction was terribly fun, and I had a really hot date. We nibbled a couple finger foods and drooled over the bakery yummies we gave up for lent. But we offset it with many glasses of red wine! She donned a couple of Say Ooh headbands, we put on expensive new heels, and laughed the night away. Oh, and my birdhouse sold for $50!