My dear friend Mia is throwing this great show tomorrow, March 24th at 9pm. A Not-So-Battle-Royal at Mercy Lounge Featuring Nashville's Fiercest Lady Songsters: Come party with Kink Ador, Mia Calderon, Esseri, Kat Smo and DJ Jarrid Lezcano (Puerto Rico Spinster) spinning in-between and late night.

FREE GIFT STASHES FOR ATTENDING RSVPs* with goodies from HUE, Clothing Xchange, Local Honey, Smack, and coupons from me!

...there will be dancing. Hope y'all can make it!


The End, The Beginning...

Okay I have big news that I've been holding onto. BIG news. The cloud that has been hovering my head/ life for more than 2 years is being lifted. I have been caught in this awful lawsuit which has kindof put my future on hold. Well, it's finally OVER! I didn't "win" (I was not the sue-er so I couldn't) but my lawyer settled and I don't have to declare bankruptcy, which was my fear. It's been a long struggle, and it still is as I sort out finances and determine what to do with my life now. I'm trying to take it one day at a time so I don't get stressed out, but let me just say that God is providing, and I'm both scared and excited at possibilities for my future.

Anyhow, I never get that personal. But it's such a major part of my life that I had to share! I know I didn't put any details, but if you are a close friend you might know, and if not, well, I'll keep you up to date about whatever changes this means in my life and Say Ooh. Oh and unfortunately, due to recent events partially involved, I will not be making it to Buffalo next week. Aaaand my ticket was nonrefund so I'm not sure when I'll make it. Oops.

My friend Rachel recently sent me this video and said that this is how she pictures the inside of my head. It moved me because a. I love Müm and b. this is a pretty good representation of my mind (especially lately).

This weekend is the Feedback Fashion Show. I love doing it because Aubree and Kallie take care of eeeeverything. All I do is give them clothes and accessories and set up my little table. No drama, no setbacks, no.. wait.. Well... there WAS the flashflood last year but that was beyond their control! Anyhow, it's $5 at Belmont at 7pm on Friday. I'll have some GREAT deals on cute spring headbands.

Today I googled: "Qingdao" And today my mother gets here for a visit. Ecstatic.


Nudes: week 2

While the first model was quite lovely, I'm glad it changes up weekly. I'm definitely enjoying the class and look forward to it each Tuesday. The first week I worked in black and white, this time I worked in yellow ochre, burnt sienna, raw sienna. Kindof a Renaissance feel. It's fun to work small, but I'm afraid I'm pushing the canvas (and my borders) too much.

I have been making so many headbands, and remade so much lingerie that I had to go out for more supplies on Sunday. As I was snapping shots, I realised I never posted pictures of my room after I moved (in August!) I'll have to share those with you soon. Here, you can see some watch faces I collaged for jewelry (which I forgot to try to sell), a vintage golden jewlery box, a golden framed embroidery, deer statuettes from my brother's girlfriend, and a hint of a vintage deer lamp from my mother.

My gorgeous roommate Meg posed for some quick shots for me. More of those later, and hopefully on my website soon. Trying to revamp that! Another fun shoot today with a special surprise model/friend/guest/talent.

Today I googled "wormwood tea". (Okay, I haven't been on the computer to google anything today, but I did yesterday!)


A bellydancer, A snakecharmer...

So, I'm pretty excited about my most recent inspirations. I just started taking bellydance classes with my friend Jenn (you may recognize her from Say Ooh shoots), and I'm already OBSESSED! I'm getting to know new muscles in my body I never knew existed. I absolutely cannot wait until I can break out a shimmy on the street.. if you know me you know I love to dance. Aside from the actual dancing, I adore the bedlah. It's certainly going to influence some upcoming accessories & fashions. I'm already on the lookout for pearls, coins, mooooore lace and silk, etc. I had already been starting to layer my work more, and this is another step in that direction. Hopefully I can have some goodies together in the next couple months. If you live in Nashville and want to come to class with me, Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons!

Also, I have some great finds from an estate sale yesterday. I have been wanting a vintage trunk for as long as I can remember (10 years?) and finally found a beautiful one I could afford. As in, under $100. Photos soon. Today I googled: Rachel Brice.


Nudes: week 1

I have been wanting to take a figure study class for a long time. I haven't in about 7 years. My first year in college, I went to a very conservative liberal arts school, and the models were not allowed to be nude. They wore bathing suits. Before that, my very first figure study class, I was about 16 years old and pretty darn innocent to the male form, outside of text books. I signed up for a class at University at Buffalo and showed up to a room half filled with college students, half older adults. I was going to impress! I remember taking out my charcoal and oversized drawing pad, setting up my easel, looking up as the class began. An oddball character in his 80s was situated on the platform, basking in the halogen lights, ripped off his robe to reveal himself, struck a pose... and left me nervous, probably with my jaw hanging. We'll just say he was known around campus as "horse".

Plaza offers a great variety of classes, and that's where I'm taking figure study. My forté was drawing large scale, so I decided to paint small scale. I suppose my goals are to get a better feel for the human form, it's lovely curvatures, shades, proportions, expressions. It's a been frustrating because I haven't tried drawing the body in so long, but I know that I'll make progress week to week. My style should (hopefully) develop more into the images I have in my head.

Here is my first painting from the first class. I aim to paint a pose every 30-45 minutes.

Today I googled "what on earth should I do with my life". One link pulled up a self help book, another said to go out to lunch with the love of my life.


and... Cut

Well, Peter and Lance finished editing the commercial in one night. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to repost, or I'll probably email pester you to do so later on! Edith cover by Pomplamoose.

Watch here. Please rate it (stars) or comment here if you like it! Or if you don't like it, you're free to say that as well. Today I googled "veg irish recipes".