Envy the Moon

Last night, I was under the influence of some yummy wine and the exhaustion of a long day's work. Lying on a couch, trying to continue contribution to the sewing of Kris's Pinnochio costume. (best leiderhosen of the year, to be sure) Suddenly, I perked up at the mention of album art... to the tune of... ms paint?!

I just could NOT have that, especially to a dear friend, and ESPECIALLY in conjunction with an absolutely wonderful record. So, in a deadline of less than 48 hours, I am hoping to pull together amazing album art (to be reflective of content) for my favourite Nashville indian native boy, Austin Manuel.

Be on the lookout.

PS: On an unrelated note, I have fallen upon the best post-breakup music to date. Rotating Lily Allen, It's Not Me It's You with Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More. It's the ultimate mix. It is perfect to drive and sing with. You have your "Oh tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with all my heart" and your "f* you very very muuuuuch" in a cute British accent. Thank me later, when you and your loved one have departed.

Much Love!


Old Films, older fashion

Yesterday I was asked about my fashion design influences. You can get a good idea from skimming thru my blog, but two big things are films from the 50s, and old 20s French fashion. I mean anything French is dapper, elegant, sophisticated, and ridiculously sexy, but not trashy. EVER. As for the films, I have always been a lover of Hepburn, Hitchcock, old Barbara Streisand. (think funny girl, which I just rewatched... appropriately subtitled in french). The extravagant costumes in any of those are to DIE for! I mean, they just knew how to do it right, and how to do it in a timeless fashion.

Let's play dress up everyday!


Nature in Market

Last weekend was the final Walden Artisan Market in East Nashville. I was honoured to be part of the first, and a handful along the way. It's rounding out to just short of a year, and the lovely Alison Egerton has rented the space to a soon-to-be veggie restaurant. Exciting!

Tho it rained much, we all had a nice time at this market. Thanks to Alison for organizing the event time and time again!


Spotlight on: Melissa Prévost

I love that my friends are so wonderfully crafty and creative. It's nice to be surrounded by pretties and inspiration. Last night, I went to my good friend Missa's new house to take some pictures of new hair accessories. (and catchup, and watch twilight, etc) Her home is so adorably decorated. Very soft and warm, vintage, quaint, not too overdone, sweet little touches in every corner. I just loved it. And she had this precious sign that she was in the middle of stitching for her husband's birthday. I just had to capture it.