Mr. & Mrs. Morgan (&cheesecake)

I had the great pleasure of making the veil and flower girl accessories for Crystal's wedding. This was a short engagement, therefore a quick project, but Crystal has great vintage style and is a joy to work with. She and my good friend Brandon tied the knot on a lovely estate out in Franklin, TN. Vows were exchanged outdoors while the sun was setting and cows were mooing. Very romantic. Eden Frangipane took all the photos, and it was difficult to pick just a few favourites for my blog as i loved them all. She even caught a couple shots of me in action.

With the holidays approaching, and cold weather setting in, sweet treats are on the mind. Right? Right. Crystal used to own Aux Choux out in Franklin, and currently bakes sweet treats for The Cocoa Tree and Fido (oh, I should have mentioned that she baked the dozens of decadent desserts at her OWN WEDDING, ridiculous). She is taking order for her yummy yummy cheesecakes. Each feeds 10-12 and is $25. Her holiday flavours are triple chocolate, butter rum, eggnog, and pumpkin spice. Best sellers include: peanut butter fudge, triple chocolate, and key lime. Shoot her an email at crystalthomasmorgan@gmail.com if you're interested! (Plus, she has a lovely voice... what a little treat she is)


Cold Nights

Lace lace lace. I'm obsessed. What's new? For the past few years, I've been into collecting vintage lace appliques and using them for all sorts of things. I threw this band together literally on a whim, and received a handful of compliments from strangers in no time at all. So I've made more. Check your local retailer! (if you live in Nashville. Or just wait for me to put them online, which could take awhile as I'm on month 7 of no internet)

I scored this cute turquoise lantern in the same bundle as the lace, at my favourite antique mall here. Then I walked up and down the stairs taking photos while neighborhood cats brawled loudly below me. They sound like screaming, demonic babies.


In Print

I have finally picked up the issue of Weddings Unveiled featured Marci and Aaron's wedding! It features some of my favourite photos from their wedding as well as a charming writeup of their story.

Nylon featured Nashville in their local fashion, etc tribute. They picked some of my favourite shops, bars, and people to writeup. You'll have to pick it up for yourself (if you haven't) and if you are an out of state friend PLEASE COME VISIT so I can share these places with you! I never shared photos of my pretty bicycle which was pimped out by Halcyon. I bought this about 8 years ago at a flea market in Buffalo for $25. After selling it to a friend and leaving it out in the rain for many-a-year, it has been back in my loving embrace and sincerely cherished. I ride it all the time. It now has only 5 gears, gold glitter housing, a Cardiff seat, cruiser bars (curvy bars are pretty, but not the best for daily riding), a fancy retro headlight and other minor improvements. Well done Halcyon (and East Side Bicycles).

Also, Shea Steele won a great review of Local Honey. She is always in the middle of all the action, and it is well deserved (what a little worker bee). Say Ooh recently restocked her shop with fun new holiday bows ($15-25) and other cute accessories. In the last couple months, her shop doubled with T&P men's vintage... great finds. Check it out if you haven't already!


Royal Robertson

I was hoping to post this video last week, but here we have it. Drawing loose parallels (I don't know if that's even possible). Or capturing phrases.

On the other hand, I'm not sure what to think of Sufjan's body paint, dance moves, and cargo pants.

Sufjan Stevens - I Walked 10/22/2010 from Jenna Robey on Vimeo.


Dia De Los Muertos

Happy day of the dead. It was my work/play/weekend costume, and I sure had fun being dead. (plus I'll take any excuse to wear a Betsey dress) I spent Saturday afternoon at Cheekwood, taking in the last days of Chihuly and soaking in the mexican culture festival with some co-workers. I had a lovely time, especially furthered by calavera mask making, mexican dance recital, cookie paleta, and avocado mas tacos. Que divertida! (I'm working on my Spanish, I promise.)

A friend sent me a link to Vivant, a fellow vintage and deer lover. I just adore her costume creativity. & check out her kissing film stills! What romance.

It is autumn. I was settling into nice, happy, comfortable routines and lifestyle, but that was not meant to be for now. Leaves are dying, new leaves are being turned, and it is not time for hibernation. Winter! Full speed ahead! Oh dear life, I will make the most of you. Whatever you throw at me, I will learn to embrace.