In Print

I have finally picked up the issue of Weddings Unveiled featured Marci and Aaron's wedding! It features some of my favourite photos from their wedding as well as a charming writeup of their story.

Nylon featured Nashville in their local fashion, etc tribute. They picked some of my favourite shops, bars, and people to writeup. You'll have to pick it up for yourself (if you haven't) and if you are an out of state friend PLEASE COME VISIT so I can share these places with you! I never shared photos of my pretty bicycle which was pimped out by Halcyon. I bought this about 8 years ago at a flea market in Buffalo for $25. After selling it to a friend and leaving it out in the rain for many-a-year, it has been back in my loving embrace and sincerely cherished. I ride it all the time. It now has only 5 gears, gold glitter housing, a Cardiff seat, cruiser bars (curvy bars are pretty, but not the best for daily riding), a fancy retro headlight and other minor improvements. Well done Halcyon (and East Side Bicycles).

Also, Shea Steele won a great review of Local Honey. She is always in the middle of all the action, and it is well deserved (what a little worker bee). Say Ooh recently restocked her shop with fun new holiday bows ($15-25) and other cute accessories. In the last couple months, her shop doubled with T&P men's vintage... great finds. Check it out if you haven't already!