Dia De Los Muertos

Happy day of the dead. It was my work/play/weekend costume, and I sure had fun being dead. (plus I'll take any excuse to wear a Betsey dress) I spent Saturday afternoon at Cheekwood, taking in the last days of Chihuly and soaking in the mexican culture festival with some co-workers. I had a lovely time, especially furthered by calavera mask making, mexican dance recital, cookie paleta, and avocado mas tacos. Que divertida! (I'm working on my Spanish, I promise.)

A friend sent me a link to Vivant, a fellow vintage and deer lover. I just adore her costume creativity. & check out her kissing film stills! What romance.

It is autumn. I was settling into nice, happy, comfortable routines and lifestyle, but that was not meant to be for now. Leaves are dying, new leaves are being turned, and it is not time for hibernation. Winter! Full speed ahead! Oh dear life, I will make the most of you. Whatever you throw at me, I will learn to embrace.

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Jenn said...

lovely costume! miss you, hope to see you over the holidays :)