Cold Nights

Lace lace lace. I'm obsessed. What's new? For the past few years, I've been into collecting vintage lace appliques and using them for all sorts of things. I threw this band together literally on a whim, and received a handful of compliments from strangers in no time at all. So I've made more. Check your local retailer! (if you live in Nashville. Or just wait for me to put them online, which could take awhile as I'm on month 7 of no internet)

I scored this cute turquoise lantern in the same bundle as the lace, at my favourite antique mall here. Then I walked up and down the stairs taking photos while neighborhood cats brawled loudly below me. They sound like screaming, demonic babies.


Rebekka Seale said...

I want one. Seriously. Can you make one for me and a little-sized one for Beda? I will pay you a million dollars. Please!!!

And ps, can I come see your new-to-me house sometime?!

Colleen said...

I certainly can! How old is she going to be when she's finally in your arms? I've been wondering...

PS I want to see your new-to-me home too. Immediate post-thanksgiving?