January Wedding

Celebration! My sweet friend Kirsten has married her dream man. They have a darling love story based on many years of friendship, and I was honored to be a part of their Alabama wedding just a couple weeks ago. It was casual and fun, with quaint little nuances woven throughout. We hung colorful mini penant-strings throughout twigs in the small, cozy chapel. Heirloom quilts decorated the dance floor in the ballroom. Mason jars and cheesecakes were everywhere! Many of Kirsten's friends helped with elements of the wedding. Two of her friends photographed the event. The photos included here were taken by Mandii, more by Daniel are seen here. I made the groom's and groomsmen bowties (as seen). Another friend made the bouquets. Another friend made about 20 cheesecakes (flavours included blueberry lemonade, coffee and donuts, ginger pear, pumpkin spice, etc) Other friends played bluegrass. Kirsten was a beautiful, shining star, and her handsome husband Josh was right by her side, swingin' her around while we all square danced the night away.
Can't say I don't love a good promenade.


Tennessee Baby

And... they're on their way! Feather & Belle have played 3 shows in Utah, and they're onto their final Sundance show tonight. So exciting for them! And if I haven't raved about their album enough... please. Do yourself a favour and get a copy! Here are some peepshots of the treats I woodburned and stitched up for their stage.

Also.. some darling friends and I took an absolutely wonderful picnic to the vineyard on Sunday. It was a cool... foggy... and somewhat gloomy day. But we brought a table full of sunshine! Pictures to come.


Feather & Belle.. & Sundance!

Two of my lovely, sweet friends have been working on a fun musical project called Feather & Belle. It's the kind of music you just want playing in your apartment, or in the car, or at work... while shaking your hips and singing along, not even realizing it's been looping for hours. (Obviously I'm guilty of this) Anyhow, one thing led to another for these talented ladies, and next week they'll be playing their FIRST show... at Sundance! As if this isn't exciting enough, they asked me to help work on their set design for the show. Here's a little snippet of my progress from yesterday. Enjoy their music video in the meantime, and find them on iTunes if you like what you see.