Cancer & Bicycles

More than a few of my close friends and very close family have passed from, or braved through cancer. I'd say that almost all of us love(d) someone who has had the deadly disease. My best friend, my sweet mother is participating in "Ride for Roswell". Please pray that she has the motivation and strength to finish the 30 mile ride, and if you feel so inclined, PLEASE donate towards her ride specifically! All proceeds benefit Roswell research and patients.

Plus, bike riding is just the best ever.

Straight from my mom:
Hi! I am participating in the "Ride for Roswell event" to raise money for research and treatment programs at Roswell. On June 26th, I plan to join others on a 30 mile bike ride along the Niagara River in support of this effort. If you are able, please consider donating. Every pledge matters and makes a difference. Roswell's vision is a world without cancer. As I ride, I remember loved ones who were victims of cancer, and rejoice with those who have survived.

You can donate at her personal page here.

Also, I'm super excited to trade in my Schwinn Varsity (that I bought in NY like 8 years ago) for a fancy custom bicycle from Halcyon! There's my friend Wade with his pretty bike (he lives on a farm now). And some cute girl with a cute bike, I don't think I know her. Summertime on the East Side...



Sometimes I'm bad with being overdue. I have an unfair speeding ticket that has been sitting on my dash that must be paid by this week. I let my etsy fees become so overdue that they deleted 25 items (it was only 1.45, why didn't I pay it?) And I'm completely overdue in posting these gorgeous wedding photos.

I was honoured to create Save the Dates for my friend Liz and her new hubby Paul. They recently moved from South Africa to England, and had their wedding in an old castle in London! Glamorous. I sent a peacock hair accessory and veil over to her which coupled elegantly with the gown that she designed with one of her friends. Correct me if I'm wrong; I believe it was influenced by an Oscar de la Renta. I know I posted a lot of photos, but they're just too charming not too. I'm sure my other favs will sneak into later blogs.

Photos by Cicely.

Instead of googling, tonight I just danced. It had been far, far *too long.

*not including a fun double date to the honky tonks last week, where I also danced my butt off



I will no longer be perusing this site daily (eh hem, hourly) for apartments or jobs! Or gigs! Now, I will pretty much only be looking at missed connections. Guilty pleasure. And, coughcough, maybe you know my missed story from a year ago. Gotta love it.

One of my exciting new things is that I'm moving (I won't admit to how many times I've moved in the last 5 years, or last 1 year even). To my own place! A cozy little home in the heart of East Nashville to call my own. Let me know if you'd like me to mail you a letter with my new address! Or better yet.. if you'd like to help me move ;) Or better yet... if you'd like to buy things I can't take with me. Art included. Name your price. I'm really excited about the cute little retro kitchen I will have, with soon-to-be ballet slipper pink walls. They will match my new apron just delightfully! My dear friends Rebekka and Manley are adopting a sweet little baby girl, Beda Beulah, from Ethiopia. She is making and selling gorgeous aprons to help fund part of the adoption. I think they are even prettier than the ones at Anthro. Rebekka also helped give me some advice for efficiency living, as they recently moved into a loft downtown. I need to visit her again soon at her yummy work! This gal does it all, I tell ya. What an inspiration.

As for the job factor, well, ask me in person if you can actually catch me not working or moving. I'll blog about it down the road!



OMG! I have so much big news to tell y'all! (what like I have 100s of readers? No, the few of you) Okay. I'm so so excited. Things are happening. Things HAVE HAPPENED!

I'm going to start telling some of you in person and then I'll make fun blogs about the things here and there. It's 2010 y'all! Be excited with me!

PS I swear this isn't going to become just a personal diary. More design posts soon.
PPS Today I googled "omg hipster" to find a funny picture to go with this post, but ended up settling on the funfetti I already had saved as inspiration.


Inspired, &again

I'm so easily inspired (although not easily impressed). I suppose I may already make that clear. This particular image (via lelove) has both inspired and resonated with me recently. So much so, apparently, that I accidentally put it in my "Inspirations" folder twice in the year 2010. Also, I am often given just the right words at just the right time. Today on my lunch break I read:

In this life, many of your questions will simply not have answers. But through it all, God himself will never change. This is why our faith must rest on his identity and not necessarily his activity. -Pete Wilson

What comfort.


Timbre & Tetra

Life has been crazy lately. I don't even know where to start, so let me simply say that Nashville has been turned upside down due to torrential storms and flooding.

The night it all went down (or started to!) my dear friend Timbre had her cd release at the Rutledge. I had the fun assignment of making her a little hair wreath! So... here's a picture of her, and one of the lil flowers modeled by yours truly!

Her sweet sister Tetra is planning a three month trip to Mozambique this summer. She'll be working with Iris Ministries, run by Heidi and Rolland Baker. They work with orphans, villagers of Pemba Mozambique, and people of the Bush. Tonight, she is hosting a handmade craft and baked goods fair in East Nashville to help raise funds. You can get your hands on some cheap Say Ooh accessories, along with other lovely surprises.