Sometimes I'm bad with being overdue. I have an unfair speeding ticket that has been sitting on my dash that must be paid by this week. I let my etsy fees become so overdue that they deleted 25 items (it was only 1.45, why didn't I pay it?) And I'm completely overdue in posting these gorgeous wedding photos.

I was honoured to create Save the Dates for my friend Liz and her new hubby Paul. They recently moved from South Africa to England, and had their wedding in an old castle in London! Glamorous. I sent a peacock hair accessory and veil over to her which coupled elegantly with the gown that she designed with one of her friends. Correct me if I'm wrong; I believe it was influenced by an Oscar de la Renta. I know I posted a lot of photos, but they're just too charming not too. I'm sure my other favs will sneak into later blogs.

Photos by Cicely.

Instead of googling, tonight I just danced. It had been far, far *too long.

*not including a fun double date to the honky tonks last week, where I also danced my butt off

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