Cancer & Bicycles

More than a few of my close friends and very close family have passed from, or braved through cancer. I'd say that almost all of us love(d) someone who has had the deadly disease. My best friend, my sweet mother is participating in "Ride for Roswell". Please pray that she has the motivation and strength to finish the 30 mile ride, and if you feel so inclined, PLEASE donate towards her ride specifically! All proceeds benefit Roswell research and patients.

Plus, bike riding is just the best ever.

Straight from my mom:
Hi! I am participating in the "Ride for Roswell event" to raise money for research and treatment programs at Roswell. On June 26th, I plan to join others on a 30 mile bike ride along the Niagara River in support of this effort. If you are able, please consider donating. Every pledge matters and makes a difference. Roswell's vision is a world without cancer. As I ride, I remember loved ones who were victims of cancer, and rejoice with those who have survived.

You can donate at her personal page here.

Also, I'm super excited to trade in my Schwinn Varsity (that I bought in NY like 8 years ago) for a fancy custom bicycle from Halcyon! There's my friend Wade with his pretty bike (he lives on a farm now). And some cute girl with a cute bike, I don't think I know her. Summertime on the East Side...

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