I don't do a ton of "mid-range" shopping. I prefer to shop dirt cheap at the flea market, or get nice things from Anthropologie (okay almost always on sale, but still good quality). I stop by Target or Forever 21 on occasion for quick things, but it's a rarity. I just want to own things that will really last, which is ironic considering my new job, more on that later. But brand new pots and pans are expensive, especially when you have lots of things to replace from moving altogether too many times in the last 6 years (approximately 12, I just did a rough count). Anyhow, I passed a TJ Maxx the other day and just so happened to have received a $40 gift card in the mail recently. Since December, I have been searching high and low, far and wide (NY, LA, NASH, eeeeeverywhere on the WWW) for the perfect, nude coloured heels. No. Luck. ANYWHERE! So doesn't it seem wrong that I stumble upon them (literally, tripped over the only cute shoes in the whole store that happen to be a size 7) that I find the exact style, height and colour at a discount store? Thanks Steve Madden, but why did your cutest shoes not even hit Macy's? I found them for $34.99 tho, so I was more than happy. This purchase would be easily covered with my gift card, but what I REALLY needed was pots to cook all my yummy vegetables in. Cute, matching pots. Pots with non-stick power. I had searched high and low for two weeks for such a product that was not $79.99 per pot. Lo and behold TJ Maxxx.. you win again. You had several half sets, non-matching sets, and ugly pots. But... there was one full set of three ADORABLE pots to match my cute new vintage kitchen. These great pots are the prettiest soft turquoise, which just so happens to match the inside colour of my white, french bathroom trash tin. Granted, how many people will notise that my pots match the innerworkings of le bain?! Well, I catch these things. The set of 3 was only $35, a breath of fresh air post drooling-sesh at Le Crueset. What's a girl to do? Use the gift card for the shoes, which were way cheaper than she expected to pay, or use it for the much needed pots, which were cheaper than she expected to pay?

Obviously I got everything, completely guilt-free.

Here is a snippet of my new place. It's coming together, I can't wait to share more! I found the gorgeous two-piece brass outlet cover at the fairgounds, 2 for $1. This old trunk (I don't know, early 1900s at least) is quite ragged but easily worth a couple hundred. It was marked $10 at the flea market, and while I love bargaining with the vendors there, I almost wanted to offer him MORE! The books I have been collecting for awhile, mostly rare vintage children's books, random old stories with strange titles, french method books, and a 1930s book of Parisian maps from my Grandfather.

Today I googled: lace vinyl placemat. No luck.


NiTasha said...

ooh la la baby! good finds! :)

Colleen said...

Not even the half of it. I have a photoshoot slated with my new place in about 3 weeks. I shall reveal all then!

rebekka said...

I've got to see this place. SOON! Don't you need another room painted?

Colleen said...

R, no... but I do need someone cute to cook for! I want to see your place too tho.

Kirsten said...

Loving the vintage feel to these photz