DESTROY fashion!

Forgive me for my lack of posts; there's certainly not a lack of action and creativity on my end! This project is quite old, in January 2009 I sewed costumes for a music video for Destroy Destroy Destroy. I think the video looks pretty great... I love the old timey, creepiness to it. And Mom, it's metal.. so you might want to mute the volume and just look at the costumes! Watch here or below.

This week I rewarded a long day and night at the office by taking in a film at The Belcourt, the only place I go to see movies (rare). In the late 90s, I briefly dated a graffiti artist and got really into it. Not tagging, just appreciating. I even got to see some real Banksy tags while I was studying in London, exciting. Exciting! I really love his stuff, but in a way that I don't really know what to say about it. That is exactly how I felt about the film Exit Thru the Gift Shop. I saw it with my friend Paul, and we tried to talk about it for a few minutes afterwards, but phrases were jumbled and I couldn't put my finger on what or how to think. You just need to see it. It's incredible on so many levels. I hope it's playing in your city right now! There's a trailer on the site, in case not. I think this quote from Banksy sums him up well, "Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a f***ing sharp knife to it." Thierry Guetta is pretty mind-boggling too.

Some of you are probably thinking "Colleen works literally ALL the time. She must be rich now. What is she doing with all her money?!" Well, you're correct. I am now devastatingly wealthy, and putting that money to good use. How? Well, In this 95degree heat, I drive with the driver's side window down.. and the AC on. Luh-luh-luxuuuurious!

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Love Simone said...

So I am definitely in agreement that we must have a photoshoot of some sort in my house very soon! It sounds like you are very busy (I work a lot too!) But hopefully we can find a time this summer to do it :)