When I was younger, we had a rickety swingset in the backyard. I have two distinct, fond memories of it, which I'm sure parallel many others' childhood experiences. One was that I loved to swing high, but had a major fear of heights (yes, 4 feet off the ground counts). While swinging, once you get to a certain point.. the poles in the ground start to jump and the chains buckle. I hated that, it scared me to death. But for some reason I was convinced that if I pushed past it I would be able to swing full circle upsidedown, and get stuck in some type of magical vortex where I wouldn't have to pump my legs. I'd just constantly fly in circles with my hands gripping the chains. Unfortunately, I never made it to that point.

The other memory was a game I created for my brothers, our neighbor Richie, and I. At least, I credited myself with creating it. The rules were simple. The grass was a swamp with alligators and piranhas. (sometimes if my brothers were not cooperating, it would become a firepit) We had to maneuver around on our little swingset and garden without touching the grass or dirt. It was quite amusing. I liked to climb into the triangle the poles formed and call out for my prince charming. Again, he never came.

Maybe this post is coming off as a series of minor disappointments from my childhood which majorly impacted me lateron, without my realisation. But that is not why I am writing this.

I have always found swings to be very romantic. Whether I was a little girl playing silly games, going on innocent dates to the playground at midnight when I was in high school, or needed some alone time to think. I find this particular swing especially romantic, and would someday like to have a luscious green backyard (much like the one I do today, but sans the fear of chiggers) with a perfect tree for this beauty.

Magical Swings


The Sketchbook Project

Last fall, I participated in a cooperative art project. 300 people from around the world filled out little sketchbooks with their darkest fears. There were a couple openings in Atlanta. Some books were just words, others intense photographs, and others still were delicate paintings. It was fun to see individual interpretations, as well as read their fears. Kindof like PostSecret. Arthouse does many fun projects, check it out.

Anyhow, here are a few of my pages.


1st Craft Fair in 2008

Missa sold soaps and I sold my feathers. It was the most beautiful day of the year, 75 degrees and sunny! She took off within an hour due to heat-stroke, but I was kept occupied by Hemmingway & visitors throughout the day. I met some interesting artists and sold a handful of feathers. I snapped a few photos of friends who came to visit!

Alanna with birdie.

Alanna with red hurit.

Little girls with minis.

Kris with wadulesi.

Stephy with nascha.

Rachel with lakota in sunset.

The table!

It was a lovely afternoon, and I was invited to more fairs so I will be around the city in upcoming months.