1st Craft Fair in 2008

Missa sold soaps and I sold my feathers. It was the most beautiful day of the year, 75 degrees and sunny! She took off within an hour due to heat-stroke, but I was kept occupied by Hemmingway & visitors throughout the day. I met some interesting artists and sold a handful of feathers. I snapped a few photos of friends who came to visit!

Alanna with birdie.

Alanna with red hurit.

Little girls with minis.

Kris with wadulesi.

Stephy with nascha.

Rachel with lakota in sunset.

The table!

It was a lovely afternoon, and I was invited to more fairs so I will be around the city in upcoming months.


Olive Anne said...

hey blog neighbor!

Kacy said...

you look adorable, colleen...wish i could have been there!