Village Art Walk

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I have put together a little show for the art walk in Hillsboro Village. It's a nice collection of my delicate vintage/ farm/ granny works in a wide variety of sizes and colours. During the art walk, each boutique/ coffee shop/ salon/ etc showcases an artist. You'll find me at Fire Finch next to a beat up, old wooden ladder. Please come visit, Sept 1: 5-8pm! You'll find complimentary adult beverages mixed in throughout the village.
I have exciting news! Well, for me it is exciting. I have finally found my table. THE table. The work table that I have been searching for! I just knew it would be at the flea market this weekend, plucked from a garage or barn where it's been piling up tools for 40 years. I don't know how to determine types of wood, but this one sure is heavy and still sitting in my backyard. It was gorgeous as is, but the splintery wood and chipping paint were sure to snag my pretty fabrics as I cut them. I borrowed an electric sander from my friend Kris, and he just told me to go in circles (when I asked, "So what do I do? Turn it on and go in circles?") Problem no. 1: get the table upright. I don't know how I did it alone but I did. Problem no. 2: find an outlet?! My house is over 100 years old so this was a major problem. I decided to plug into the kitchen of either Inez or Betty, but they are each over 80 and did not hear my attempts at knocking. Once they realized what I was doing, they both questioned me several times throughout the hour "What are you doing out there?" "Sanding a work table!" "Oh..." repeat, repeat, repeat. And let me tell you, that thing is a beast! The table and the sander. But I kept on. Problem no. 3: the table has a good six dozen nails in it, randomly, everywhere. It didn't feel good. Problem no. 4: the sander stripped off the handsome, dark, worn top wooden layer that I had fallen in love with. I was afraid of that. A good amount of it stayed, but it's not quite as charming as it was to start. Anyhow, it's fairly smooth now, and I feel accomplished. Pictures when I get it upstairs! On that note... sorry for the iPhone pictures lately. I um... lost my Nikon. It will turn up somewhere tho... fingers crossed.



I was excited and honoured to share my brother's birthday with him in Atlanta this past weekend. For the occasion, I decided to create something to help them decorate their new-ish home. He loves Buffalo (home sweet home) and his fiancé loves Native American culture. Put them together for a little "his n hers"!


My new nook

My new place (next door, literally sharing a wall to my old place) is set up mostly how I like! Once I find the perfect old barnwood table and some cabinets for arts and sewing, I will be truly settled. I recently joined Airbnb, and they quickly sent a photographer my way.

Click here to see more of my cozy home.


Free People

I love Free People. I don't read magazines, but when Free People or Anthro catalogs arrive in my mailbox, I get out my favourite felt tipped pen, sit down with a cup of tea, and get to marking. Something about it is just relaxing, comforting, inspiring. They create environments, not just fashion. Anyhow, I was thrilled to see this photo up in the Free People facebook... tho it's MUCH overdue. Modeled by the lovely Alanna Rae, shot by Sarah Rogers, and accessorized by Say Ooh. Oh, and she's wearing Free People of course.


Mine & Yours

It's August. IT IS AUGUST! What does that mean? A few 2011 weddings under my belt with still a handful more to come. And you know what THAT means?! More excuses to get dressed up. I've dabbled a bit in bowtie-ery, and now I'm taking it to the next level with his 'n hers matchy-matchy*. I have an old trunk full of great new (and old!) fabrics and I just can't wait have a collection to share with all of you. They'll be appearing for purchase in 3...2...1 month!

*Can be worn separately.