Featherie for a bride-to-be

Who doesn't want to match bedtime goodies with hair accessories? Right?? (I did not "make" the bra, just decorate it a touch!) Btw, feathers tickle. And that's a good thing.


Say "Mmm"

Being "umemployed" has afforded me time for more accessories, baking, and blogging!

Here are some things I made today. New autumnal hair accessories, and devil's-pumpkin cupcakes! I bet you wish you were in my neighborhood group... huh?

Ways to keep warm!

Halfway through autumn, I cannot even believe it. So many fun things are happening, little projects of my own and of friends... here and there... I'm putting work into things and it will be interesting to see what develops and progresses. With the crisp turn of weather, and having moved into a huge, old house with my friend Rachel, I have been in the mood to stay at home, drink hot chocolate and cabernet (separately), have friends over for dinner, cuddle up, and make lots of things. It's been wonderful, to say the least.

I recently made friends with Rebekka, a talented pastry chef, and her husband Manley, a talented architect! Rebekka loves her her new sayooh accessories, and I just know I am going to love her baked goods. We will both be at a craft fair this weekend, along with about 15 other talented crafters and artists. Oh and the Mas Tacos truck!! Find us in East Nashville at the Walden building. Do some holiday shopping and warm up with a cup of coffee from Ugly Mugz! It's all going down this Saturday (November 15) from 9-5.

I have been playing with my camera some more, and doing shoots for friends now and again. It's always fun, with my bossy art direction followed by onslaughts of laughter! Feel free to check out NiTasha's music... and let's hope we see some professional model shots of Jenn sometime in the near future!

Also, if you're looking for some good Christmas time music, I have been listening to Choir At Your Door nonstop. I can't wait to buy their cd and see them play here. Goodnight, keep warm, drink lots of tea and cuddle up with your loved one!