Nudes: week 2

While the first model was quite lovely, I'm glad it changes up weekly. I'm definitely enjoying the class and look forward to it each Tuesday. The first week I worked in black and white, this time I worked in yellow ochre, burnt sienna, raw sienna. Kindof a Renaissance feel. It's fun to work small, but I'm afraid I'm pushing the canvas (and my borders) too much.

I have been making so many headbands, and remade so much lingerie that I had to go out for more supplies on Sunday. As I was snapping shots, I realised I never posted pictures of my room after I moved (in August!) I'll have to share those with you soon. Here, you can see some watch faces I collaged for jewelry (which I forgot to try to sell), a vintage golden jewlery box, a golden framed embroidery, deer statuettes from my brother's girlfriend, and a hint of a vintage deer lamp from my mother.

My gorgeous roommate Meg posed for some quick shots for me. More of those later, and hopefully on my website soon. Trying to revamp that! Another fun shoot today with a special surprise model/friend/guest/talent.

Today I googled "wormwood tea". (Okay, I haven't been on the computer to google anything today, but I did yesterday!)

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