Spirit Animal

This is what my soul longs to create, but I have not made the physical time to create lately. When I was doing figure studies last year, I started something along the lines, I'll try to dig those out of the old armoire to share.

Thanks to Jen Mann for touching on such vital relationships.

Also, reminds me a bit of the Simen Johan work I had been counting down until it appeared at The Frist.
Johan depicts animals in scenarios where their actions or demeanor mirror human conventions. The images allude to our inclination to anthropomorphize and domesticate what we see and find around us, and they speak to realms of emotion, our fears and desires, rather than reason.
If you haven't yet seen it, please let me take you there!

So ummm, what's your spirit animal?


Rebekka Seale said...

A praying mantis!

Kirsten said...

I want you to take me to the Frist!!