Bashful Hearts

I love wedding season. I know every season can be wedding season, but it definitely feels it now. I recently made some wedding invitations for my friend Kristen in Phila, and they finally came to me in the mail!! How exciting. Next on the list are programs and hair pretties. Wedding in a few weeks! Oh, and it's in Niagara Falls so I went for a falls, vintagey feel. I thought the brown envelopes and parcel ribbon helped with the effect.

Also, I have been working with my friend Mary Claire to throw her annual Off 12th music and arts festival. Lots of friends, fun, good music and art, I plan on snacking on fruit and cheese, sipping on mimosas on a blanket all day. With Say Ooh hair fashions at my table, of course! So stop on by, it's free and the sun shall be out. I made these posters which you can see around town.

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jill louise said...

GREAT job on the invitations Colleen...they're beautiful!!