Deer Mothers

Happy Mother's day! My mom and grandma have always been supportive and encouraging of my arts and crafts. My mom taught me how to sew when I was in about 5th grade. Also, they're great about sending me cute pieces in the mail that I always end up using somehow, somewhere, eventually. My grandma is sending me crocheted doilies (which I have been hunting for, as I have no time to actually make them right now.. and I have a fun project in the works) and my mom sent me vintage fabrics not too long ago. I used some of the cute vintage green fabric in a pincushion I made recently. How have I not had one in years?! In my sewing frenzy as of late, I step on needles all the time. I mean, they're just everywhere. My cutey cute pincushion keeps them all together and looks yummy enough to eat right up. At least, I think.

Also... fashion show coming up. This friday night, 12p downtown. Naked Without Us. Be there. Plz?


Anonymous said...

Oh I SOOO wish I would be in town Friday for the fashion show! And I want that dress.

Anonymous said...

i wish i lived closer so i could come! you'll have to post pictures, i wanna see all the stuff you made.