The Pursuit of Happiness

I realised I hadn't shared my new(ish) setup at Local Honey! Most of you know I can be found at the cute boutique once a week, but for you out of towners, here's a little visit to my corner of the shop. Shea and co. keep the shop stocked with oodles of great vintage finds! The great, colourful collages to the left of the suitcase are made by Shea Steel.

I recently found this great video on my friend Paul's blog. Reasons I had to reblog:
a. I love Kid Cudi.
b. I totally "get it"... right now I feel like I'm looking for happiness. Walking around with a somber face, no smile. But hey, I'm wearing a cute hair accessory and a bad-a red sweater that is covered in knitted desserts. So, I'll be fine once I get it.
c. Okay the video is incredible?! The way it is shot reminds me of this one I shared.
d. PS this version is soooo good too. But less relate-able for me.

Obviously today I just googled Kid Cudi lyrics. OBVIOUSLY.

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Kirsten said...

OMG LOVE the blue curly feathered oneeeeeeee. LOVE IT. Love you. Love reading this blog -- just got caught up on it. Love.