Babies & Fringe

Babies. I love babies. I love all my many friends with new babies or babies in their bellies. Babies are just EVERYWHERE these days. And how can that not make one giggle with joy? I love making cute baby things, like these moccassins, attributed to my native heritage. (made with yummy Marc Jacobs wool and NOT deer skin)

I just visited my dear friend Jill and her brand new, adorable little boy, Addison. They and daddy Russ are a darling family! I was excited to see a picture of Addi on her blog wearing the lil moccs. He's growing so fast, they probably won't fit too long, but they were so cute I wanted to touch the screen and pinch his toes. And check out his handsome woodsy sweater. Yep, the ever-talented Jill knit that for him. Make sure to sneakpeak their creatively decorated nursery and her fun pregnancy (in a minute) video.

Moccs for purchase at Social Graces in Hillsboro Village. Baby headdresses available upon request.

Today I googled "lion face".

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Blue Velvet said...

I love you, Colleen! I might have a baby just to buy some of your adorable moccasins.