I'm beginning to realise that January 1st is a pointless date. I tend to place too much emphasis on it, and "fresh starts". I'm often tempted to write about my personal life here, but thank goodness I don't. A lot of you read this and then randomly tell me months later, when I'm surprised. Which isn't to say I won't share with you, but words are always better in person, and much is better left unsaid anyhow. All to say, 2009 was, as a whole, the most difficult year of my life. Which started 2010 off to be possibly the best, and most hopeful year. For a couple days. It's been a difficult two weeks, and I'm struggling to fight feelings of hopelessness. Sound depressing? Sorry.

That was just an introduction to my NEW resolution! To find, create, contribute to, and appreciate as much beauty as I can get my hands and eyes on. Truly. Typically this is a staple of my life, but I'm going to place even more emphasis on it.
This video is what inspired me. I relate to it on a lot of levels. Erika Janunger is pretty incredible.

Here are a few newer pieces I shot, as modeled by my friend Alanna. If you snoop her tumblr a bit, you'll catch a couple shots she took of me. & my home! We had a little playdate with her camera, but my d70 is back from Dr. Wolf; I am oh-so-excited! (Lingerie photoshoot tmrw.)

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