Custom projects: love/hate relationship, certainly thankful for them. A little bit of cash, and always a learning experience. My friend Brian asked me to sew a onesie for his daughter out of his fiance's favourite VS pajamas. Initially we wanted to just use the top as fabric so they could have a lil matching set, but that pattern demanded every inch of fabric. I found a vintage Simplicity onesie pattern on etsy. In my past experience (we're talking high school here, looong time ago), Simplicity patterns are quite... simple. As in, 1hr or less and no questions asked. Not the case. This one was a nightmare, to be honest. BUT! If I wanted to make another, I could certainly do it in less time. The directions were not very clear, I ran out of fabric, and I had a problem with fray. Nonetheless, I finished it in two days. Approximately 5 or 6 hours, start to finish, including pattern confusion and fabric cutting/ planning. I'm the girl who won't look at directions, I just want to figure it out myself. 90% of the time I revert to directions because I've really screwed up and possibly broken a brand new product (building something out of wood, coffee pot assembly, automobile problems, anything requiring directions really). That said, I detest and almost never use sewing patterns.

Enough rambling.

Also, I have a fun, new game. With every post, I will share something I googled that day. I'm not quite sure what my life would be without googling. I can imagine life without internet. I cannot imagine life without google search. This is definitely a window into my soul. So please never make fun of what I google. (okay, fine, just do it in good nature). Today I googled "tangled bobbin 1/4" elastic fix". (sidenote, if google doesn't help, call your mother) Whew. That was just to ease in. After learning what to do for that, I googled "olsen twin boyfriends".

Don't ask. Never ask.

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jill louise said...

The onesie turned out AMAZING!!! Good Job Colleen!!!