Ode to Betsey

I've been in NYC. Walking lots, seeing friends, getting kicked in the butt by bikram yoga on a daily basis, finding inspiration in big and small places, handstitching lace in places like the Roebling Tea Room (amazing), and umm, of course. Shopping. Fortunately I have Christmas as an excuse, so I can just buy for other people. Today tho, I did buy for myself at the Betsey Johnson sample sale in Times Sq. When the girl who rang me out realised it was to be my FIRST Betsey dress (or 3), she almost had a heartattack and we bonded for about 10 minutes, and she told everyone in the room how exciting it was that it was my first. And that she was honoured to ring me out. And then everyone told the tales of their first Betsey dresses. It was kindof magical.

I mean, sigh... I would get married in something like this. (Not the ones I bought)

Speaking of... why is Betsey Johnson not designing WEDDING CAKES?! Or at least cupcakes. Her cupcakes would probably be the prettiest ones in the world. (PS Google image search "gourmet cupcakes" and find the picture of Tori Spelling... hehe)

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rebekka said...

Colleen those look would ALL look so precious on YOU!

I totally miss you child. Merry Christmas!!!