Home is Where the Heart Is

...and my heart is in my chest so I suppose everywhere I go truly does feel like home to me. I've only been gone from Nashville for two weeks and while I miss the good people and good dancing and my wonderful life there, I'm really enjoying my little journey.

The Market in Nolita went well, disregarding the awful timing of a nor-easter snow storm. My car got stuck twice, and it took a little over an hour to drive about 2.5 miles over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was absolutely freezing, I was tired and hungry, and not many people showed due to weather, but it was worth it. I hope to return in the spring! Aside from that, my trip was very inspiring and I caught up on some well-needed sleep (due to some rigorous Bikram in Union Square). Also, I ate a lot of yummy vegan food.

My time in Buffalo has been full of movies, hot drinks, sewing, cuddling, puppy bites, mom-time, Best Fitness, friendly snow, and some of the following:

I will have lots of new work to share with y'all soon! $280 and 4 weeks from now I should have my old Nikon back... sob sob.


matthew christopher said...

glad you having an adventure. :)

matthew christopher said...

oops dyslexia kicked in again. glad you're having a adventure.

Kirsten said...

Love you, miss you, and all that junk.