OOH! In new cities...

I've been running around lately, working on fun (semi) secret projects and making more, more more... and yet I'm still not able to create all my ideas! Pictures soon from the Niagara falls wedding I attended over the weekend, and made invitations for.

A recent trip to Chicago to visit my dear friend Chase resulted in Say Ooh in two great shops. A lovely high-end boutique, Soko, and a fun, eclectic vintage shop in Wicker Park, Lenny and Me. Also... be on the lookout for ooh accessories at Urban in Elmwood Village in Buffalo, NY. You might see Fairytale Land in the storefront display!

But for now, I'm about to start a 12 hour drive back to Nashville. My car holds a few typewriters, vintage Singer, and a big red British Airways suitcase FULL of old lingerie. Southern friends... I've missed you. See you soon.

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Rebekka said...

You're the cutest.