Spotlight on Local Honey

Hands down one of my fav places to shop in Nashville. Cute, fun, artsy vintage finds and very reasonable prices. Also a great range of local designers, and fun events to boot! Chase and I took a walk in the lovely, warm weather to see Shea and take some pictures. Right now you can find many Say Ooh accessories there, a few nighties, and a variety of my jewelry and accessories on a Valentines display by the door. (and of COURSE more cute Valentine's goodies by other local designers!)

So do yourself a favour and go visit Local Honey for some great finds. Oh... my current fav is the men's bow ties that come complete with a set of dracula teeth. How sexy is that? According to my detective skills, they are made by this girl. Also, be sure to check out Shea's new dresses. She had been hard at work! With much to show for it.
(Click photos to +++BIGGER!)

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