Bicycle weather

Spring is just around the corner!! And everyone wants to be outside. And... everyone wants to be riding bikes!! Oh, what's that? You don't have a bike?! Go check out the coolest new bike shop in Nashville. It's right at the corner of 12th ave south! They have great restored and pieced together bicycles. Also, lots of fun, bright, exciting parts to fix up the bike you have. Looking for accessories?

Well, they just started carrying my bicycle baskets! $25 each. Want something custom? Hit me up.


NiTasha said...

yes it did. real soft and real silky. annnnnd shiny. yup.
can we please ride bikes together? and then walk them up to love circle and then fall down from exhaustion from what always seems like a good idea at the time hiking up that hill. and then, we'll drink wine and roll down it and look at nashville and smile!

Rebekka said...

I want the flowery basket on MY special bike.