Neeeeew, at Feedback!

You can now buy Marie AA, Nighty Night, and Say Ooh hair accessories at Feedback clothing on Belmont Blvd. (Nashville) So pop by, see the cuties that work there, and go crazy!

A sampling:


Deer ones

Maybe you've already seen my lil baby moccasins, aptly named "deer ones". Hey, remember how I'm obsessed with deer? Good thing I don't let you forget. Anyhow, I take custom size orders. Here are some cuties made for a two year old, for my darling sweet friend Sloane. He is not a 2 year old. But I think he likes yellow bows.

Backdrop is my shared studio space. Some painting cans and preps by Michael Brandon Morgan, name of the ages.


Mint Ting-a-ling

Reference February 5. I have a bundle of Marie AA shirts, and trying to make more as they sell!! Soo great to throw on with a skirt for work or for drinks, and cozy enough to wear in bed with a hot cup of tea (as I love to do in this frigid weather). I mean, who doesn't love cuddling in American Apparel lovelies? Order from !!!!

Also, my good friend Josh is putting together a new website I recently designed. Hopefully I'll have that to share with you sooooooon!


Spotlight on Local Honey

Hands down one of my fav places to shop in Nashville. Cute, fun, artsy vintage finds and very reasonable prices. Also a great range of local designers, and fun events to boot! Chase and I took a walk in the lovely, warm weather to see Shea and take some pictures. Right now you can find many Say Ooh accessories there, a few nighties, and a variety of my jewelry and accessories on a Valentines display by the door. (and of COURSE more cute Valentine's goodies by other local designers!)

So do yourself a favour and go visit Local Honey for some great finds. Oh... my current fav is the men's bow ties that come complete with a set of dracula teeth. How sexy is that? According to my detective skills, they are made by this girl. Also, be sure to check out Shea's new dresses. She had been hard at work! With much to show for it.
(Click photos to +++BIGGER!)


Marie AA

What do you get when you cross this:

and this:


New from Say Ooh. Stay tuned!


Winter to Spring

It's starting to warm up a bit. So I'm taking my new line of lingerie, Nighty Night, right outside! Check around town and on my etsy site for dear new arrivals.

Also, I've redone my logo. And by redone, I mean created it past a font. Hey that only took 4 years! Everyone says it's most difficult to design for yourself. Well, they're right.

I've been involved in artisan markets and trunk shows as of late. I am going to concentrate more on house parties/ trunk shows/ boutiques and less on markets. I mean they're great, but they cost money and right now money is what I DON'T have. You will see me around town tho. Pinky promise.