March 24

You only had to wait on my response to the post because I couldn't come up with a name. Isn't it always that?! Native Bling. Fit for a Native warrior princess! Or a princess princess. Or your best friend or your grandma. Or your boyfriend. A variety of shapes and colours.

Three Bears of Ohio

I like mail. Not just like it, love it. Sending and receiving. So, when I had an opportunity to trade with a fellow designer friend, I was all about it. Charlie of THREE BEARS design, sent me this cute lil package recently...

complete with sticker/pin/shirt goodness. I wear this shirt all the time. It is so cozy and cute. You definitely need one too.

So what did he get from Say Ooh? Matching boyfriend/ girlfriend rooster accessories, of course. Charlie's exemplified his already stunning rat-tail, and Katie's added a bit of vintage flair to her honey-glazed coif.

Go check out his blog, as well as work here & here. He is one talented fella, as are his comrades.


Nature Couture

What do you get when you cross this:

and this:


New from Say Ooh. Stay tuned!


Barely Legal meets Grey Gardens

One of my favourite quiet movies, Grey Gardens, recently inspired me to create a little collection, which I featured in the Untitled show I blogged about a few days ago. Something about the quiet but brash, meticulously fashionable yet unkempt, lavish yet decrepit styles, tones, and lifestyle of the Bouvier Beales really captures me. And I know I'm not alone in it. Here are the pieces I submitted to Barely Legal. Now back in my possession, and still for sale.


Untitled: Barely Legal

Untitled is a Nashville based organisation which features quarterly art shows. Each artist can submit one piece, and some small wares for the display table if so desired. This show was across the street from my place of employment, in some nice luxury lofts. Here are some snapshots from the show.


More of you

Several months ago, I gathered with my friend Keegan (and our friends Hannah & Katie) to film some songs. I painted faces and donned the girls in feathers, while they played magical notes from the backyard. It was lovely, until we got rained out.

More of You


Bicycle weather

Spring is just around the corner!! And everyone wants to be outside. And... everyone wants to be riding bikes!! Oh, what's that? You don't have a bike?! Go check out the coolest new bike shop in Nashville. It's right at the corner of 12th ave south! They have great restored and pieced together bicycles. Also, lots of fun, bright, exciting parts to fix up the bike you have. Looking for accessories?

Well, they just started carrying my bicycle baskets! $25 each. Want something custom? Hit me up.