OOH: New Location

Tho most of us never venture to Murfreesboro, some of you school there or live there. So, next time you're in the area, check out this cute boutique. They're 90% local designers, handmade, green adn organic goods. A great variety of clothing, art, jewelry, knicknacks, stationary, etc. I'm now selling lingerie, shirts, and hair accessories there. You will also find the likes of lladybird, valentine valentine, and hana hattori. Soon, I'll stock mesh with art and bicycle baskets.

Oh! And if you can make it tomorrow, it's their 1st Birthday Party!!! All new items, new set up, and some killer deals (so I hear). But if you can't make it because you're helping me move, I totally understand.


I Am Now Officially "Mean"

I am aware that in this blog entry, I will probably create my very first Nashville "enemy". Or, frenemy.. if you will.

We're all inspired by each other, high fashion, cheap fashion, poetry, cute animals, etc. No one can really deny it, unless you live in a cave, have never had human contact, and are somehow producing fashion and art. There is a fine line btwn ripping off someone's designs and being inspired by them. When you are using someone's exact terminology, coming up with the same looking designs, have engaged in conversations with originator and asked pointed questions as to the making of said creations, and THEN handfuls of your friends have called, txted, and emailed me (oh, we're using me for example's sake of course!) to tell me this over the span of a few months, well. That sways heavily over the line. Especially when the same markets and shops are being reused for the new bird's product. There are many shops in Nashville! And many ideas to be spun off of! I have held my tongue, but after being on the receiving end of MORE games of telephone, I must rant.

I don't think my work is highly original in the grand scape, or amazingly amazing, and I have seen creations like mine at UO along the way (I mean we're living in the same world here, if something gets popular in our culture it's going to circulate one way or another), but I stand behind the quality and beauty of my work. I would never steal a classmate's term paper, much less try to use it in the same school system. Good luck with your endeavors, as I have established enough of a name in Nashville for people to tell a difference between our products.

Oh, and if you're wondering if this is about you? Then yes... my dear best friend married your amazing, handsome ex.

And we all live happily ever after.


A Sash Kinda Day

I'm not a big magazine reader these days, and it's so hard to keep up with blogs, y'know? But lookbook has always been a fav. I'm not on it, and only know a couple Nashvillians who profile there, but among my favourite fashionistas is Justin. In this sexy summer number, he happens to be sporting a Say Ooh headband. Thanks for representing, Justin, y'look good. But then again... I've never seen you not looking amazing.


Dare Ya

I've been very inspired lately, and want to make sure I'm staying focused and motivated. Focused never means "working on one thing" for me though.

I ALSO have a pile of goodies that I need to get rid of. I still love the pretties, but I need to make space for newnewnew. So please, help.

Comment with a picture to inspire and challenge me. Something for me to create a new accessory from. As abstract, simple, ugly, or strange as you like. A picture of you or something you found on the internet. Whatever, I'll take it. I'll wait til I have a handful to choose from, and pic my fav in the next few days. (you may enter up to 3 images) Then I'll mail or hand deliver you a prize. You will *probably be able to wear the prize.

Okay, go...

**No, definitely.