Building Things

I had a couple realisations last night.

One, I own nearly as much vintage/ remade lingerie as I do clothing. Could easily be more. I should probably start selling again.

Two, I spend more time at Home Depot than online, at the mall, and at the gym combined. I try to split my time between two Home Depots and a Lowes so they don't get to recognizing me every few days. I have 4 drills at my house right now, but do not actually own my own electric. I spent 30 minutes last night drooling over a cordless black and decker. The employee in the aisle probably thought I was faking it, as I was wearing a 50s cocktail dress.


Love Simone said...

I love it! Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two about building. I had to make a frame and stretch my own canvas this past spring in painting class and that made me feel very accomplished. Let's find a time to play and take photos!

Milo Beloved said...

You are so Virgin Suicides in that first picture! I miss you!

matthew christopher said...

This makes me smile ear to ear! Home Depot is the best! I collected quite a collection of tools while i was working at the ground shop.