Assignment 18

A couple years ago, my friend Amanda gave me the book "Learning to Love You More" by Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July. I like the way these people think, and create. It's very important to have a balance of the two, as opposed to the unfortunate laziness of just one. Anyhow, we'd planned to do some of these assignments together, but never did. I hope she will join in on these projects.

Each week, I will pick an assignment, and you, my readers will have 7 days to complete it if you so choose. Simply sayooh@gmail.com me photos of your sparkling creations. I'll post mine too (but hopefully they won't stand alone).

18: Recreate a poster you had as a teenager.

Remember a poster you had on your wall as a teenager. If necessary, do a little research to help you remember exactly what it looked like. Then recreate it using colored pencils or pens or paint on white paper. Scale it down to make it fit on a regular piece of paper. Next, locate a piece of music that you would have listened to at the time when you had this poster. If you are currently a teenager, just use a poster and piece of music that you have right now.


Kirsten said...

Yessss I know EXACTLY what I'll be doing.

amanda lee said...

I would still really like to do this