Tree & Axe

Christmas has come and gone. But my decorations are staying up for as long as they will last! I will keep my home smelling of fresh fir and vetiver (if not by tree, by candle).

What am I keeping my nights busy with, when not stuck at the office? Wood burning, glass etching, die cutting, knitting, and painting. I had to narrow it down to the things I want to become really good at.

I still find time for fun playdates with friends. Rebekka and I recently took a few axes to Shelby Bottoms and she shot the coasters Danny and I have been working on. Then, the dear made me a beautiful new blog header. I am oh so excited! She does all kinds of custom illustrations, for sale here. Her house paintings are my absolute favourite!
Have a safe & happy New Year, and remember that each morning is a fresh new start.