Tree & Axe

Christmas has come and gone. But my decorations are staying up for as long as they will last! I will keep my home smelling of fresh fir and vetiver (if not by tree, by candle).

What am I keeping my nights busy with, when not stuck at the office? Wood burning, glass etching, die cutting, knitting, and painting. I had to narrow it down to the things I want to become really good at.

I still find time for fun playdates with friends. Rebekka and I recently took a few axes to Shelby Bottoms and she shot the coasters Danny and I have been working on. Then, the dear made me a beautiful new blog header. I am oh so excited! She does all kinds of custom illustrations, for sale here. Her house paintings are my absolute favourite!
Have a safe & happy New Year, and remember that each morning is a fresh new start.


Christmas! Week 5

Carols and hymns, a favourite part of Christmas. There is something so special about going to a midnight mass, singing sweet songs with a room full of strangers, the loving warmth that ensues, then walking out to a quiet, dark, frosty night. Only to snuggle up in bed and wake up to yet another magical day of celebration! I thought that surely deserved a banner.

4 sleeps til Christmas. Fa lalalala, lala, lala!


Christmas! Week 4

Happy Monday! It is also happy birthday, so I didn't get as many holiday decorations done over the weekend as I would have liked. Nonetheless! Santa appeared at my door... with a TREE! A wonderfully smelling, sappy little fir. He also brought a darling vintage deer ornament, which is fast friends with the other two deer ornaments I found at the antique mall. Couple in some red velvety bows, a makeshift lace treeskirt, and my trusty antlers, and find the perfect little Christmas corner. Then, I filled some glass ornaments with twine and hung them between my french doors and doilies.
Though I scoured for mistletoe, to no avail. So! I made some. It sure seems to do the trick.

13 sleeps til Christmas!


Holiday Shopping

You have two hours left to catch Say Ooh and other great local vendors at Porter Crossings! In the cozy little corner surrounding Family Wash in East Nashville.


Christmas! Week 3

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! And my humble home is slowly getting in the spirit. This weekend, the beau and I made stockings. When my parents were newlyweds, they made adorable felt sneaker and heel stockings. It's a fond memory of the holiday spirit fireplace-we-never-had. Danny and I sewed dark burlap together and trimmed them with native fringe (and lace!). We like to think of ourselves as "Buck" and "Doe", so we made silhouettes from some felt and glued them on for each of us. A sweet gold "made with love" heart and some jingle bells give each stocking just enough holiday cheer. Hope your stockings are full of goodies this winter season!

Just 20 sleeps until Christmas.