French-Pressed Coffee

I've been rolling out of bed extra early for a few days to take pictures of work products on my different tables. I wish I had a very large house, so I could have dozens of interesting, weathered, handsome tables, and mismatched chairs of all sizes and colours! I would also have dozens of beds for dozens of weary travelers: friends, old and new. I just want to share my cozy home (wherever that may be), and share laughter. Thankful to know home is something I carry with me, something I can physically create wherever I go.

You carry your home with you. It is in your heart!


Betty said...
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Betty said...

Beautiful photo. Lovely sentiment. You and your home are always welcoming.

Kirsten said...

Love this picture and your welcoming spirit. The yellow daisies are divine!

Sophie said...

Hi Colleen
I hope you dont mind me dropping by - I found your blog via your friend Rebekka's and thought I would pop my head in and intoduce myself.
I absolutely agree about the tables. I have the tiniest little house (a pitfall of living in miniature England - in comparison to the US) and long for lots more space to fill with beautiful things.
I love your blog and will be following you for now on.
Best wishes

Colleen Wandel said...

Thanks Sophie! Rebekka is a sweet friend. I do enjoy living in a tiny house, but my mind just creates (imaginary) room upon room full of beautiful treasures which my apartment cannot fit!