Our Summer Picnic

Another seasonal picnic, another favourite day of my life! We joined Rebekka and Manley in their backyard, tucked away into a quiet corner to celebrate their handsome new picnic table. We shared stories, laughter, a few drinks, and a LOT of delicious food. Cheese upon cheese upon cheese with figs, sausages from a local farm, a vegetable quinoa pasta. Danny and I brought a punch bowl to fill with a rosemary gin fizz. We had fun preparing the ingredients, and even more fun drinking it! It's a perfect party drink, and smells just wonderful.

You can find her recipe for an incredible Peach Ricotta Tart in Rosemary Almond Shell here. Enjoy!

We're off to Chicago to find some adventure. Au Revoir!

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Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Such a lovely picnic! I've been dying to go on one this summer. =)