Christmas Forever!

In light of not wanting Christmas to end... ever, I thought I'd share with you our evening of decorating. Yes, this took place two months ago. Life has been a whirlwind of happiness, birthdays, new engagements for friends AND for myself and Danny, and general merriment all around! Even with all the excitement, I just can't let go of the Christmas spirit. As it was only our second Christmas, it's too early to call them traditions, but we enjoyed eggnog with nutmeg (atop Say Ooh wooden coasters!), warm chocolate chip cookies (none were saved for Santa), a freshly cut tree, and White Christmas on the projector. Soft twinkle lights set the mood, and I was greeted at the door with another new vintage deer ornament for my tree! We even transported fresh garland from New York to hang above every door.
I am keeping the tree until Valentine's. Again.

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I pretty much love those little wood coasters. SO CUTE! Also, don't feel bad- our tree will likely be up equally long.