Bernard Hill art show

Rachel and I had a little art show gathering at our home last Thursday. It featured artwork from Brandi, a sweet gal from Boulder CO. Her work was amazing in person, very layered with subtle tones and sweet whispers. Brandon Morgan also had some paintings up, alongside a few pieces and accessories by myself. Of course the upstairs was full of goodies by Rachel. The wine flowed, everyone made new friends, saw old friends, and laughed by the fire in our yard. Oh, and there were marshmallows thanks to Lucy. Here are a few snipits. I hope we have more of these. The environment was juuuuust right. Exactly what I like these days.


Anonymous said...

AHHH! You guys are too cute. Wish I would have been in town. Hope you can forgive me for flaking out the other day. I really did have a good excuse :)

Milo Beloved said...

Hey, hate I missed this show, but I saw a lot of that crap laying around so I might as well have been there... jk.

But on the real, I really like that head band you gave me. I really like wearing it as a necklace. Some girl in Birmingham said it was sexy... so SPANKS-A-LOT! You rule Colleen.

charliebear said...

this all looks so good!
also, Brandi can be found at this site as well:

ooh! said...

Good to know... thanks for posting the link Charlie!

Rebekka.. okay I believe you but you owe me a hangout bigtime. It's been too long.

Milo.. oh Milo.