Charmed, I'm sure

Happy spring! I was just featured in a treasury on etsy. Currently, I'm up to 1100 views on those rosettes and 37 item favs!! Let's make it more. Or better yet.. buy them!

Josh helped me (and by help, I mean he did it) fix up my brakelines on my old schwinn. I'll be riding soon, like this weekend hopefully! Oh, and I just dropped off some cute new baskets and accessories at Halcyon. The charmers go right below the seat (or anywhere your heart desires) and are just $15. Contact me for custom colours. Fun!

Hmm, more fun things? I am working on some wedding invitations for a friend. They're vintage/ Niagara Falls themed. I'll share soon, but they're really fun so far! Also, Say Ooh will be going on tour with Crystal, Dabney, and Chelsey to the west coast. Hit up any of their shows in Cali/ Oregon/ Washington for some fluffy feaths! Press packs will be dropped off along the way, so if you run a boutique on that side of the country, contact me for one.

Goodness, how could I forget? I am part of a new vintage/ fashion/ indie market this weekend in Five Points, Nashville. Saturday ten til six in the yard at Fannies, next to Bongo Java. Stop by and say hello! I'll be trying to pickup a better tan, so let's hope the sun is out.

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