Bashful Hearts

I love wedding season. I know every season can be wedding season, but it definitely feels it now. I recently made some wedding invitations for my friend Kristen in Phila, and they finally came to me in the mail!! How exciting. Next on the list are programs and hair pretties. Wedding in a few weeks! Oh, and it's in Niagara Falls so I went for a falls, vintagey feel. I thought the brown envelopes and parcel ribbon helped with the effect.

Also, I have been working with my friend Mary Claire to throw her annual Off 12th music and arts festival. Lots of friends, fun, good music and art, I plan on snacking on fruit and cheese, sipping on mimosas on a blanket all day. With Say Ooh hair fashions at my table, of course! So stop on by, it's free and the sun shall be out. I made these posters which you can see around town.


Behind the Scenes

The job I have made for myself is not all glamour, as you may think. It includes things such as driving all around town looking for the perfect organza, dealing with drunk runway models, trying to clean my studio (never stays tidy for more than 5 minutes), cleaning vintage buttons, and punching lots of heart shaped holes.

Sometimes, it also includes making treats for little parties or shows. Come to featherware tonight in East Nashville. The tupperware party of our generation.


Deer Mothers

Happy Mother's day! My mom and grandma have always been supportive and encouraging of my arts and crafts. My mom taught me how to sew when I was in about 5th grade. Also, they're great about sending me cute pieces in the mail that I always end up using somehow, somewhere, eventually. My grandma is sending me crocheted doilies (which I have been hunting for, as I have no time to actually make them right now.. and I have a fun project in the works) and my mom sent me vintage fabrics not too long ago. I used some of the cute vintage green fabric in a pincushion I made recently. How have I not had one in years?! In my sewing frenzy as of late, I step on needles all the time. I mean, they're just everywhere. My cutey cute pincushion keeps them all together and looks yummy enough to eat right up. At least, I think.

Also... fashion show coming up. This friday night, 12p downtown. Naked Without Us. Be there. Plz?


Vintage bands and floosies

I forgot to share the nightynight dress I made for Christie on her bday a couple weeks ago. She had a raucous dance party complete with a couple costume changes, but spent the majority of the evening in this fun lil number. I made it for her from one of her old vintage slips. And let me tell you, girl looked hot. Happy 29!!

I have been making a lot of black bands lately, with fun vintage findings. A slow foray into more wedding accessories, I think. Here are some things that really feel like what I'm getting at. Listen to Jordan from Seattle's new band... and look at these pretty pictures. (please)